Working for the SWLC

Openings for the 2024-2025 School Year

Writing Tutors – Our Writing Tutor roster for SY 24-25 is full. Writing Tutor applications for SY 25-26 will be accepted between September and December of 2025. Stay tuned!

W-CATs, or Writing Course Attached Tutors – W-CAT positions for fall 2024 FYSs are currently filled. Openings for fall 2025 will be posted in November 2024. Stay tuned!

Language Tutors – Openings will be posted in March 2024. Stay tuned!

If you are interested in working as a tutor for #SWLCNation, i.e. the Student Writing & Language Center, there are a couple of ways to become a member of our staff.


Writing Tutors are SWLC’s Varsity Team! These students are typically Juniors and Seniors who have completed a W2 course in their major as well as the two required half-credit tutor education courses in the following sequence: (a) EXDS 201 Writing Tutoring: Supporting Your Peers as Writers, Thinkers, & Communicators in the winter semester, and (b) EDUC s19 Theory & Practice of Writing & Tutoring during Short Term. There is also an application process that happens every fall semester between September and December. Once you complete the application process, you will be given permission to enroll in both of the tutor education courses. Be a model student and peer leader on campus by becoming a SWLC Writing Tutor!


A wonderful way to begin your writing tutor journey or to “give back” to students who are in a course you once were in, is to apply to become a Writing Course Attached Tutor, or a W-CAT, for a W1/FYS (First Year Seminar) or W2. This is a great position for students interested in giving tutoring a try and supporting either first-year writers as they transition to college-level writing, reading, and speaking tasks or in “giving back” to your major or minor field by working more closely with your advisor or a particular professor with whom you’ve had a course (or several courses!) during your Bates career. If you know a professor teaching a W1/FYS or W2, ask them to nominate you to be their W-CAT, or, simply apply to work as a W-CAT during the November-December application period!

After a brief application and interview process, successful W-CAT applicants will be paired with a professor teaching a W1/FYS or W2 and gain instructor permission to enroll in the half-credit training course, EXDS 201 Writing Tutoring: Supporting Your Peers as Writers, Thinkers, & Communicators, which is taught by Dr. Bridget Fullerton, offered every winter semester, and must be completed before you work as a W-CAT.


Language Tutors are trained on-the-job to support language-learners in any of the eight languages taught at Bates College, including Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Greek, Latin, Russian, and German. We prefer Language Tutors to have taken courses and be currently and actively engaged in learning the language at Bates, though we sometimes hire native speakers for certain languages as the need arises. Apply to be a Language Tutor when the job ads go live, typically in February or March of each year. Check back for updates!


We highly recommend that you meet with a few tutors in the SWLC before you apply to get a sense of the job and see how we work. Tutors will be happy to talk to you about the job and are encouraged to do so! The double benefit of this is that you get support with your writing, speaking, or language-learning goals while doing some light “job shadowing.”

We hope you join SWLC Nation!

Have questions about employment with the SWLC? Please email