How To Log In

Follow these steps when trying to access a WordPress site on

1. Visit The Quad or type in

  • Visit our homepage for the Bates community, The Quad, and look in the Useful Links section for the WordPress Login link, or
  • Type in the login web address directly,
  • At the login screen, use your Bates network credentials. e.g. The same username and password you use for your Bates computer and Bates email. If you receive an error message, then try step 2.

2. Ask a colleague

Every office, department, and program at Bates has WordPress users who will be able to grant you access to your site. If WordPress is telling you that you don’t have access to a site, ask a colleague associated with that site to grant you access.

3. Last Resort

If steps 1 and 2 have failed, email detailing who needs access to WordPress, and the specific sites they need access to.

Learn How to Grant Access to a Colleague