Making a Blog

Latest Posts

This block will a list of your site’s most recent posts within a page of your choice. The Latest Posts block provides options for thumbnails, excerpt length, and allows you to choose exactly which posts appear based on their categories.

In a new block, type /latest and select “Latest Posts”

The editor on the right sidebar allows you to configure the display of the list. For example, you can choose how much excerpt to display (if any) and how large the thumbnails should be (if displayed at all).


  • Announcing WordPress 5.8
    Dear Bates WordPress Community, In an ongoing effort to keep our website up to date, safe, and easy to manage, this past Wednesday we upgraded WordPress to the latest version, 5.8. Thanks to Jake and SDI for keeping us on the cutting edge. Here are the key changes to look out for: Widgets/Sidebars can now use…
  • New Tutorials and Best Practices for Expandable Areas, Table of Contents, and Page Anchors
    Special thanks to Digital Communications Assistant Mei Kane ‘23 for researching and creating these new tutorials and best practices.