Homepage Features i.e. “Featurettes”

1. What are Featurettes?

Featurettes are the three pieces of content that appear horizontally across some website homepages between the menu and page content. By prominently featuring three pieces of visual content on your site’s homepage, Featurettes can help your visitors find your site’s most valuable content.

2. How can I add Featurettes to my site?

Follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Go to your site’s Dashboard
  • Step 2. In the left hand menu, hover over Featurettes
  • Step 3. Click on Add New
  • Step 4. Content creation
    • Fill out the titles and the excerpts for your new Featurettes
    • Set featured images and desintiation links for your new Featurettes
  • Step 6. Publish
Here’s an examples of Featurettes on the Africana website – Thesis, Courses, Faculty

Once you have published exactly three Featurettes, all three will appear on your site’s homepage.

3. How can I rearrange the order of Featurettes?

Featurettes are automatically presented from newest to oldest. The most recently published Featurette will be shown on the left, and the oldest Featurette will be shown on the right. To rearrange the order, you can retroactively edit the publication dates/times as desired.

4. How can I remove Featurettes from my site?

To remove Featurettes from your site’s homepage, go to your site’s Dashboard, look in the left hand menu for Featurettes, and Draft or Delete your Featurettes. If you don’t have any Publicly published Featurettes, or if you have fewer than 3 Publicly published Featurettes, than your homepage will appear without Featurettes.

5. Can I see an archive of all past Featurettes at once?

Yes! By adding this string — ?post_type=bates_stories — to the end of your site’s URL, you can see an archive page that lists out all of your site’s Featurettes.

Here are a few examples of the URL structure: