Protected Content by Bates Login

This block becomes available with the activation of the Bates External Authentication plugin.

This block is appropriate for securing some, but not all, forms of information. In some cases, another solution with more granular access controls like Google Sites or Google Drive may be more appropriate. WordPress is a publishing platform and is therefore publicly oriented though it does offer some content protection capabilities. Sensitive text content like SSNs should not be included in WordPress even with this Block.

In a new block, type /protect and select “Protect Content by Bates login”

Shortcut to access the “Protect Content by Bates login” block

Anyone with a Bates login has access to this content, including but not limited to: students, faculty, staff, and anyone else with a Bates login such as some retirees, and some contractors.

Content in protected blocks cannot be limited to specific subgroups of users in the Bates community, such as students or faculty only.

Below is an example of what a protected block looks like to a user who is not logged in with their Bates credentials:

Login prompt for any user not yet logged in

Protected blocks cannot protect any non-text content, such as images (e.g. PNG, JPEG) or videos. Only text and text-based blocks such as tables and foldaways can be protected in a protected block. If you want to protect multimedia content, consider another solution with more granular access controls like Google Drive or Google Sites. 

Protect Content Options

In the right sidebar of the editor a menu of different options for the block will appear when the “protect content” block is selected.

Auto-reload page 

This is enabled by default. Logs out user and reloads the page after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Notify when about to expire

About a minute before automatically logging out the user, display a popup giving them the opportunity to extend their session. This can be useful when there is a lot of content inside the protected block and may be difficult to finish before getting logged out. 

Need to login message

Customize the message telling the viewer they need to login to view this content. Defaults to “Please login with your Bates credentials to view this content”

You are logged in message

Customize the message which displays at the top of the protected section while the user is logged in. Defaults to “You can see this content because you are logged in with your Bates credentials”