Delivery Instructions for Gifting Stock Certificates

Interested in making a gift of stock to Bates?

Marketable securities held in physical certificate form should be hand-delivered or mailed to the Advancement Office at Bates College with a signed stock power sent under separate cover. It is recommended when mailing the certificate(s) you do so using certified mail. The stock power form can be mailed in a separate first class envelope. Your signature on the stock power must be guaranteed by a bank officer or stockbroker. Valuation of the gift is calculated as the mean price of the securities as traded on the date the envelopes are postmarked, or the date the certificates are hand-delivered to the Advancement Office.

Stock Certificates

1) Mail the unendorsed certificate(s) to Bates via certified mail, or hand-deliver the certificates in person to the address listed below:

Bates College
Office of Advancement Services
Susan Michel
2 Andrews Road
Lewiston, ME 04240

2) Please enclose a note which includes:

  • Name of donor(s)
  • Number of shares and name of security
  • Intended designation for the gift

3) In a separate first class envelope, send to the same address a stock power form for each certificate, signed but otherwise left completely blank. Your signature on the stock power must be medallion guaranteed by a bank officer or stockbroker.

4) The gift will be valued, processed, and acknowledged when both sets of materials are received by Bates.

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