Gifts of Securities & Mutual Fund Shares

Transferring stock and mutual funds can be an easy way to give to Bates and in many cases offers a tax advantage.

Donated securities are valued at the average of the high and low quoted selling prices (or the average of the bid/ask in the case of certain securities) on the date the stock or mutual fund arrives in Bates’ account. We always recommend that you consult with your tax advisor in order to learn more about the advantages of gifting stock and mutual funds..

Stock and Mutual Funds held by my bank or broker

If your broker or bank holds your stock or mutual fund shares you may request that they be transferred directly to Bates College via electronic transfer of DTC.
For instructions, please click here.

If you are going to transfer mutual funds, it’s recommended to call Susan Michel in the Office of College Advancement at 207-786-6248 to expedite the transfer with you and your broker or banker. Transferring mutual funds is normally a longer process and requires more paperwork.

Stock Certificates in my name

If you hold the stock in certificate form and it’s in your name at the time you mail it to Bates College, the gift date is the date of the latter postmark of the certificate and the separately mailed stock power form. For instructions, please click here.

If you hand-deliver the stock certificate in person to Bates, the gift date is the date in which Bates College takes possession of the securities. It is still necessary to have a signed stock power form when hand-delivering the certificate in person if the certificate is in your name.

Stock Certificates in Bates’ name

If the certificate has been reissued and is in Bates’ name, the reissue date is the gift date. In this case, a stock power form in not necessary.

Please note that stock transfers normally are completed in a 2-3 business days, depending on your broker. Mutual fund transfers can take 2-3 weeks, especially at year-end, due to the additional paperwork required.

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