Students may complete a minor in chemistry by taking seven chemistry courses that include 107A, 107B, or FYS 398; 108A or 108B; and five upper-level chemistry courses or departmentally designated courses, at least one of which must be a 300-level course, s37, or s42.

Students may not take any course pass/fail that is counted towards the minor. Independent studies do not count towards the minor.


  • 301 quantum requires math 105, 106 and 205, physics 107 prereq or coreq physics 108
  • 302 statistical thermodynamics requires math 105 and 106, prereq or coreq physics 107
  • 310 biophysical chemistry requires math 105 and 106 and physics 107
  • S37 requires CHEM 301
  • S42 requires CHEM 218 and CHEM 215

Chemistry Concentration

1) CHEM 107A, CH/ES 107B, or FYS 398

2) CHEM 108A or CH/ES 108B

3) Any two other chemistry courses, excluding CHEM 218. At least one course must be at the 200-level or above, including CHEM s37 and CHEM s42.

One non-Bates course may be applied toward the concentration if judged comparable to one of those below by the concentration coordinator and with prior approval. This concentration is not open to students who have declared a major or minor in chemistry, biology, neuroscience, biological chemistry, or the chemistry track of environment studies. Students with these majors are encouraged to pursue a Chemistry minor.



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