Assistants in Instruction

Lorna Clark oversees an organic chemistry lab in the Bonney Science Center 111. -----------------------------------

Assistant in Instruction
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Lorna Clark

Assistant in Instruction
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Bonney Science Center, Room 212

B.S., Southeastern Massachusetts

Lorna Clark instructs and preps organic chemistry labs. She also maintains major instrumentation in the department such as the NMR spectrometers

"Alyson Farrington"

Alyson R. Farrington

Assistant In Instruction
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dana Hall, Room 137

University of Maine at Farmington, BA Biology with minor in Chemistry
University of Southern Maine, MS Immunology and Applied Molecular Biology

Alyson manages, preps, and instructs the introductory chemistry laboratories.

Assistant in Instruction, Biology. Amy McDonough in the Advanced Biology Teaching Lab, Bonney Science Center 260, working with students and Assistant Professor of Biology Lori Banks on a procedure for a traditional gram-stain technique (see image 0434 for description).

Amy says: “I help instruct the Bio315 (Microbiology) lab with Dr. Lori Banks in BSC260 from 1:05 to 4.  This is a busy class (17 students).”

Amy B. McDonough

Assistant in Instruction
Bonney Science Center, Room 281

Chemistry and Biochemistry

University of Maine-Orono BS Microbiology ’91
University of Dundee MS Immunology 2000

I am an Assistant in Instruction in Biology and Chemistry serving the biological chemistry, molecular biology, development, and bacteriology courses. I come from a long career as a research scientist in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Most recently I was the Research Associate in the Bavis lab at Bates College.

Administrative and Science Support Staff

Hockaday, Alexis F.

Academic Administrative Assistant, Bonney Science Center
Academic Support Services
Bonney Science Center, Room 181

Alexis F. Hockaday

Assistant Registrar
Office of the Registrar and Academic Systems
Libbey Forum, Room 100

Jessi Kemp

Vivarium Coordinator
Science Resource Support Services
Bonney Science Center, Room 185

Mark D. Lessard


Science Resource Technician
Science Resource Support Services
Carnegie Science Hall, Room 521

Sonya Locke ,Science Resource Manager,
Science Resource Support Services, in her 
Bonney Science Center office, Room 187, and the Autoclave on the second floor.

Sonya R. Locke


Science Resource Manager
Science Resource Support Services
Bonney Science Center, Room 187

Jonathan O. Witt

Stockroom Technician and Chemical Hygiene Officer
Science Resource Support Services
Bonney Science Center, Room 161