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Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Geneva Laurita teaches in Bonney Science Center 310.

CHEM 316 - Advanced Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
A study of selected advanced topics in inorganic chemistry. Topics may include bioinorganic chemistry, inorganic materials science, and inorganic reaction mechanisms. Critical reading of the current literature, and applications of inorganic research, are emphasized. Prerequisite(s): CHEM 215. Enrollment limited to 19. [S] G. Laurita.
0.000 OR 1.000 Credit hours

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Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

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Students looking at the glass in the lab.

Summer research students, working under the supervision of  Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Colleen O’Loughlin, admire the well-organized symmetry of her lab glass that they’ll use this summer. From left, Diana Rodriguez ‘24, Julie Jesurum ‘22, Joanna Atwater ‘23, and Nick Gajarski ‘24.

Other photos include them looking at her office and at work in her lab. They also stop to chat with Professor Paula Schlax. _____________________

Other two students are
Anna Gouveia '22 of Jenkintown, Pa.
Sam Colesworthy '22 of North Yarmouth, Maine
Lorna Clark oversees an organic chemistry lab in the Bonney Science Center 111. -----------------------------------

Assistant in Instruction
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Learn more about the requirements for completing a major in chemistry.

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“It was fascinating to see an actual reaction.”

Students create the phenomenon of chemiluminescence during an organic chemistry lab taught by Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Andrew Kennedy.

The reaction was tested in a darkened area just off the first-floor teaching laboratory of the Bonney Science Center: The organic compound luminol, in the presence of iron, will decompose and produce light.

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Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Michael Sommer teaches students in Chemistry 108 in the Bonney Science Center.
Assistant in Instruction, Biology. Amy McDonough in the Advanced Biology Teaching Lab, Bonney Science Center 260, working with students and Assistant Professor of Biology Lori Banks on a procedure for a traditional gram-stain technique (see image 0434 for description).

Amy says: “I help instruct the Bio315 (Microbiology) lab with Dr. Lori Banks in BSC260 from 1:05 to 4.  This is a busy class (17 students).”

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Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Paula Schlax in her Bonney Science Center Lab and office, alone, with student, and colleague Colleen O'Loughlin.