Senior Majors Calendar

As with any major, the senior year is an exciting and busy one with a number of important dates.  The Department of French and Francophone Studies cultivates and supports its majors with great attention, offering multiple opportunities for both academic and social gatherings.  Below is a representative list of some of the important dates for 2014-2015.

Complete calendar for seniors 2014-15

September 3 — La Rentrée!/Back to School–Be in touch with your adviser before hitting campus!

September  9 —First “Atelier de recherches”  the road ahead

September  16—Second “Atelier de recherches” Due date for fall thesis topics for Fall

September 17 —”Tales from Abroad” stories from semester or year abroad (RogerW 413  7-9pm)

September  30—Third “Atelier de recherches” How to conduct research at the library and use various search engines to identify secondary sources

October 1 — Soirée crêpes “Chez Roger” (RogerW G17  6-8pm)

October 28—Fourth “Atelier de recherches” How to introduce quotes. Portfolio Part 1

December 5 —Final “Atelier” in the Cultural Kitchen; due date for fall thesis, winter thesis topic and honors thesis decision

January 12 — Winter semester begins!

January 19 — Martin Luther King, Jr. Day–panels welcome

January 20 — First “Atelier de recherches” of the winter semester. Due date for winter thesis topics and Portfolio Part 2

February 3 — Second “Atelier de recherches” of the winter semester. Portfolio Part 3

February 13: Due date for the personal essay of the Portfolio

March 10 — Third “Atelier de recherches” of the winter semester. Reporting progress and Portfolio feedback

March 20 — Portfolios due

April 3 — Mount David Summit–participation welcome and encouraged

April 10 — Final day of class; winter thesis due

May 28 — Final reception for senior majors

May 31 — Commencement!