Research Guidelines

While the faculty in French and Francophone Studies are as thrilled as you with all that the internet and on-line resources have afforded us as researchers, we make a plea, all the same, for the equally thrilling and revealing exercise of actually placing yourself in the library among the books.  The act of perusal in the stacks can be inspiring and time-saving.  As you hunt through the shelves for an edition or monograph on the author or work you are researching, it is often the case that you will come across a number of related (and potentially more relevant) tomes that will expand or assist your task.

The library typically vets its holdings to include excellent editions and well-regarded monographs and anthologies from reputable presses.  These books can be an excellent starting point for researching possible questions and avenues for your own papers or theses.  By scanning the titles and tables of contents and indexes, you may quickly open up a world of possibilities in a field that might remain hidden should you rely solely on or JSTOR to lead you along.  We implore you to experience the old-fashioned joy of sitting among books and letting your intellectual curiosity transport you, page by paper page.

That said, there are multiple ways to assist you as well from the convenience of the web.  Here is a start:

Faculty, staff, or students involved with human subjects requires compliance with Federal rules overseen by the Bates Institutional Review Board