Student Research

Funding Student Research

French and Francophone Studies Majors are encouraged to apply to various sources of funding to conduct research abroad or/and Francophone communities.

FFS thesis research grant

The department of FFS gives research and travel grant up to $200 to seniors who are writing a thesis or doing an oral history project as part of their capstone experience. To apply, students must submit a proposal to the chair of the department indicating clearly the importance of the research trip and how it impacts the thesis’ potential outcome. The application should consist of a brief written statement, a description of the thesis project, how the research will be conducted (topics/issue/time table) and a bibliography. The demand will be evaluated by all faculty in FFS.

Barlow Enrichment and Thesis Research Grants

Grants of up to $1,200 are available to support research on theses directly related to the Bates study abroad experience. Grants can support thesis research in the study abroad country during the junior year while studying abroad, during the following summer, or during the senior year. For more info […]

Harward Center for Community Partnership Grants

The Harward Center offer a diverse range of grants for community based research and partnership. For more info […]