Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives for French and Francophones Studies Majors and Minors

Goal 1

Proficiency in reading and analyzing French and Francophone literary texts, films or other cultural productions.

Curricular Objectives 1

1a) Provides evidence of a critical, methodological “toolbox” for appreciating, decoding, analyzing cultural representations. Use of specific analytical concepts for literature or film/screen analysis.

1b) Provides evidence of a dialogue between the student’s voice and voices of secondary sources.

1c) Is able to describe, narrate, express abstract ideas with advanced proficiency in French both orally and in writing.

1d) Demonstrates proficiency in research and citation in the field (MLA style).

Goal 2

Shows awareness of cultural biases and ethnocentric views.

Curricular Objectives 2

2a) Shows ability to contextualize (at least some) French and Francophone cultures socio-historically across time periods and geographic and political location.

2b) Demonstrates self-knowledge and awareness about one’s own subject position and that of others in their written essays and oral contribution to class discussion.

Aspirational Goals

Develop various forms of purposeful engagement within various French and Francophone communities and cultures.

Aspirational Objectives

3a) Has the ability to live and function/flourish within various cultural contexts (France, Morocco, Madagascar, Senegal, Québec, Lewiston, Mali…) and can evaluate and interpret cultural differences beyond stereotype.

3b) Provides evidence of civic or community engagement.

3c) Culminates their major with evidence of a purposeful education. The capstone may serve as a meaningful and impressive “carte de visite” (calling card) for future employers.