Student Outcomes

“But what do I do with a French Major?!”

  • Michelle Gomperts, Manager, Microcredit Summit Conference (Washington, DC)
  • Marcia Larned, Financial Analyst, Parisbas (New York)
  • Justin Sullivan, Green Contracting and Developing (Washington, DC)
  • Angela Jones, Ph.D, Psychologist (Boston)
  • Timothy O’Neill, Ph.D graduate student, Linguistics (University of Delaware)
  • Paul Frisoli, Peace Corps, Guinea; pursuing M.A. in International Education at Umass.
  • Alexandra Battestin, Legal Assistant, Sullivan and Cromwell, Paris (Law School applicant)
  • Carole Caldarone, French Teacher, Carver, Mass.
  • Erica Chapman McPartland, Translator, Furlong, PA
  • Kate Bishop, Project Manager in Development, Cameroun; Ph.D Student, University of Indiana (Anthropology)
  • Nancy Bakey, French Teacher, Somerville, MA
  • James Carlson, Peace Corps, Uzbekistan; Law Student, dual degree Cornell and Paris I, Panthéon Sorbonne
  • Rebecca Dessain, Teacher of English, Sanofi-aventis, Paris

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