Geology club

The Geology Club is given a budget by the Dean of Faculty’s Office annually, totaling at about $1,000. This money is used to support club dinners, field trips (including those to different geologic meetings in Maine that students are interested in), and supplement travel, accomodations, etc. to regional Geological Society of America (GSA) meetings. The geology club also strives to incorporate the faculty into meetings and events to establish and maintain a good faculty-student relationship. Geology lunches are held on a regular basis, at this point Tuesdays at noon, in room 10 in Memorial Commons, at which all are welcome. There are additional meetings held evenings, whenever they are deemed necessary.

If you have any questions or comments, email one (or both) of the club presidents above.

Professor Eusden (in the approximate center, pointing) leading a NEIGC field trip up Mount Washington, in September of 1996.