Uploading a Thesis to SCARAB

Your thesis needs to be uploaded to SCARAB on the same day your completed thesis is due to your advisor, unless directed otherwise by your advisor. In all cases, your thesis must be uploaded to SCARAB before you can be certified for graduation.

To submit, you must have your thesis in electronic format. SCARAB allows you to upload one file only. You will need to manually copy and paste the abstract into a text box when uploading the thesis.

Suggested file types listed below.  In cases where a thesis is comprised of multiple files (e.g. a map, 3d object, or video, and the actual composition), you must package all files together in a single .zip file, then upload the .zip. If you need help creating zip files, please see the IT Service Desk in Ladd Library.

Suggested File Types:

TextSave the body of the thesis as a *.pdf

3D Models – .3ds

Audio – .mp3

Compressed files/folders – .zip

Image/map – .jpg

Tabular data – .csv

Video – .mpeg4

To upload your thesis From any computer connected to the internet, open a browser and go to:

http://scarab.bates.edu/Select “My Account” in the upper right corner

In the “My Bates Portal” box, click on “Log in to your Bates account ” and enter your complete Bates email address and Bates password.

In the “Browse” area of the navigational panel on the middle left-hand side of the screen, navigate through “Collections” then “Departments and Programs” then “Geology/EACS” then “Student Scholarship” then ”Standard Thesis”

From this page, look for the “Submit Research” link under the “Author Corner” subsection on the left hand side of the page.

You will need to manually enter the following information into the submission form when you upload your thesis:

  •  Thesis title
  • Author (Your full name)
  • Date of Graduation (Month, Year.)
  • Level of Access (The level of restriction will be determined both yourself and your advisor, consult with them to determine level of access before uploading your thesis.) Access levels are as follows:
    • “Open Access” to grants permission to Bates College to distribute this thesis for scholarly and research use to the general public on the internet. 
    • “Restricted: Campus/Bates Community Only Access” the thesis is to be made available only to the Bates on campus community. If the thesis includes copyrighted materials the use of which do NOT conform to the fair use provision of the United States copyright code select this option.
    • “Restricted: Archival” Only select if the thesis is being submitted for archiving on to SCARAB. The thesis will not be accessible from the public portal.
    • “Restricted Access: Embargoed [Open Access After Expiration of Embargo]” The thesis is inaccessible to the general public and the Bates Community for a specified length of time and then made available to all after that embargo period.
    • “Restricted Access: Embargoed [Bates Community After Expiration of Embargo]” The thesis is inaccessible to both the general public and the greater Bates community for a specified length of time and then made available only to the Bates Campus community after that embargo period.
    • Embargo Period (Select the appropriate number of years if an embargo period is required.)
  • Degree Name (Select “Bachelor of Arts” or “Bachelor of Science”)
  • Department or Program (Geology or Earth and Climate Sciences)
  • Second Department or Program (if your thesis counts in more than one major)
  • Number of Pages (list number of pages in your thesis)
  • Advisor(s) (list the advisors of the thesis)
  • Keywords (six descriptive words or phrases, each separated by commas, that might help with the indexing and retrieval of the thesis; )
  • Abstract (Copy and paste a one paragraph thesis abstract of 250 words or less. If there is no abstract type in None.)
  • Components of Thesis (A listing of the number and types of files that comprise your thesis. Example: 1 .pdf file, 3 .jpg files, 3 .CSV files) 

After completing the descriptive fields select “Upload file from your computer” button to upload your thesis from the computer. When the form is complete, you should click the “Submit” button. Once clicked, the button text changes from “Submit” to “Processing.”  Depending on your internet speed and a number of other factors this may take some time, please be patient. If the upload succeeds, your browser will display a confirmation page. If there is a problem, you will be prompted to correct the error. 

 If you need help using SCARAB, please contact the IT Service Desk.