Quaternary Geology and Sedimentology

Quaternary Geology and Sedimentology Laboratory Room B8, Carnegie Science

Analytical Capabilities:

  • Textural Analysis
    • Beckman Coulter Laser Particle Size Analyzer
    • Sedigraph 5100
    • CIMAX Settling Tube
  • Biogenic Silica
  • Organic Matter
  • Sediment Thin Section Analysis
  • Magnetic Susceptibility (whole core and discreet sample) using a Sapphire Instruments magnetometer
  • Walk-in Core Storage

Field Equipment:

  • Limnology – Seabird CTD and Hydrolab
  • Automated Weather Stations
  • Acoustic Seismic System including:Datasonics Chirp towed fish, and Knudsen portable 12khz, 200 khz echosounder
  • 12 Foot Starcraft motorboat
  • Zodiac Inflatable motorboat
  • Coring Systems:
    • Livingstone Square-rod Corer
    • Nesje Percussion Corer
    • Reasoner Percussion/Piston Corer
    • Universal Surface Corer
    • Freeze Corer
    • Numerous Dredges and Small Box Corers