EGL User Responsibilities

Prof. Bev Johnson AI: Phil DostieSafety: Jonathan Witt
214 Carnegie
Cell Phone: 207-577-3762
202 Carnegie
Cell Phone: 207-449-7833
161 Bonney

The Environmental Geochemistry Laboratory (EGL) hosts a suite of instrumentation, including a stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer (IRMS), an Inductively Coupled Plasma – Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES), a Gas Chromatograph – Flame Ionization Detector (GC-FID), analytical- and micro-balances, a microwave digester, drying ovens, and field gear for collecting and measuring environmental samples. The EGL is used by faculty, staff and students in Earth and Climate Sciences (EACS), Biology, and Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Environmental Studies for teaching and research in the broad field of Environmental Geochemistry  

This is a shared facility managed by Philip Dostie (AI of the EGL).  Please reach out to Phil to use the lab. He can be found in 202 Carnegie, extension 6485.  It is easiest to find him on email:

Bev Johnson is the director the EGL and can be found at Please contact Bev if you have questions that cannot be answered by Phil.

To facilitate use of the space, please do the following:

  1. Reach out to Phil Dostie via email ( requesting access to the EGL. 
  1. Arrange to get training on safety procedures and use of the EGL from Phil Dostie.
  1. Reserve a time using the Google Calendar  “Environmental Geochemistry Lab”.  The Environmental Geochemistry Lab calendar can be found by entering its name in the search function on your Google Calendar.  When creating a reservation for the EGL please include:  
  • the names of yourself and any lab partners 
  • the project name
  • the type of project (thesis research or course project with course number)
  • tasks for the day
  • reference to any instrumentation you’ll be working with or equipment you’ll be using
  • block out the  amount of time you plan to take 

When making reservations in the Google Calendar, it is essential that you please copy Phil Dostie at to confirm reservations.  

Other important EGL policies to keep in mind are listed below.  Failure to comply with these policies will result in immediate removal from the EGL.

  • All lab users must coordinate with Phil Dostie’s schedule for safety training  prior to using the lab.
  • All lab users must be cleared by Phil Dostie before using the lab.  This may entail scheduling training sessions with Phil according to his schedule.
  • Eating and drinking is prohibited in the lab. 
  • Any lab users that have key access to the lab should not give access to anyone else and should be sure to lock the door to the lab when done using it. 
  • Always clean up after yourself (clean glassware, dispose of wastes in appropriate containers, wipe down benches, clean up broken items, spills, etc). 
  • Report broken glassware or anything in need of restocking immediately to Phil so that supplies can be re-ordered quickly for the next geochemist.
  • For 300 or 400-level students, fill out the hazardous waste accumulation log sheet posted by the hood for the day, if necessary.
  • When in doubt, ask questions.
  1. Be safe, be alert.