Student Club: Earth to Bates (aka E2B)


Earth to Bates (aka E2B) is a club committed to engaging Bates students and the greater community of Lewiston-Auburn in the exploration and discovery of the earth sciences. We provide ways to communicate the importance of the earth sciences through field trips and interactive classroom visits in Lewiston-Auburn. We also provide a system of support and networking for the students within the Bates Earth and Climate Sciences Department in order to learn about undergraduate research opportunities, graduate school, and job opportunities. Some of our past activities have included a trip to Mount Apatite to explore the geology there and collect minerals, presentations from club members, and a viewing of the movies “The Core” and “Journey to the Center of the Earth”!

The Earth to Bates Club helps to organize and support EACS-Geo Lunch and Learns, club dinners, and field trips all of which are open to everyone on campus.

Anyone who doesn’t know anything about geology or earth sciences, anyone who is is interested in learning more about geology or earth sciences, or anyone who plans to be an Earth and Climate Sciences major or minor is welcome!

The current head of Earth to Bates is Maya McDonough.   For a current listing of E2B events and activities as well as any questions please email Maya at:

Follow E2B on instagram! @earth2bates