The Mathematics and Statistics Workshop offers assistance to students in introductory level courses that have a mathematical  component.

Below is a list of services for students.

  • Drop-in Hours Students are welcome to drop in, without an appointment, to review mathematics topics as needed or to use the computer resources.
  • Attached Tutors for Calculus I and II In addition to the availability of drop-in hours, every section of Calculus I and Calculus II has a tutor specifically assigned to work with the students in that class. Attached tutors attend class, alongside enrolled students, at least once per week. Students may schedule appointments, individually or with a group of friends, to meet with the attached tutor outside of class. Details on how to make an appointment are provided in class. Students of calculus are welcome to utilize all services of the MSW and are not limited to meeting with their attached tutor.
  • Individual Tutorials The MSW provides a one-on-one tutoring program in quantitative skills and understanding. Instructors may refer students, or students may seek assistance on their own.
  • Calculus Help Sessions The MSW administers a program of two-hour nightly help sessions for calculus courses. The sessions, staffed by students, are on a walk-in basis and meet Sunday through Thursday from 7 – 9 p.m. at the MSW.
  • Support with Technology The MSW provides tutorial sessions in the use of graphing calculators; software programs such as MATLAB, Minitab, Maple, SPSS, and Excel; and in typesetting mathematical documents using LaΤeχ.

Workshop Hours

Fall and Winter Terms

Drop-in: Monday through Thursday 1 – 4 p.m.
Calculus Help Sessions: Sunday through Thursday 7 – 9 p.m.
Mornings and Fridays by appointment only

Short Term – by appointment only


The MSW is located on the ground floor of Ladd Library — to find us, head toward the Writing and Speaking Center and go down the stairs to the ground floor. You can’t miss us at the bottom of the stairs!  When you arrive, please use the iPad to sign-in.

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