For Faculty

The Student Academic Support Center is a student-facing support center that supports Bates students in introductory- and intermediate-level courses in mathematics, statistics, programming, natural sciences, quantitative social sciences, and other q-courses. Additionally, SASC provides learning skills support (study skills, note-taking, time management, etc) through individual consultations with students and scheduled workshops.

SASC provides drop-in tutoring, private tutoring and CAT-led weekly help-sessions. Course Attached Tutors (CATs) focus on supporting students in their work, CATs are not tasked with reducing faculty workload akin to a TA. In other words, CATs are not TAs, they do not grade homework or verify task completion. Faculty seeking traditionally-based TA support should speak to their Chair regarding availability of TAs and graders.

SASC is NOT a remedial center; our peer tutors not only provide homework support, but also reinforce concepts learned in class, share study strategies, and build problem-solving skills.

Download: Quick Reference Sheet on Tutoring at Bates

Below is a list of services SASC provides to members of the faculty.

  • Class Visits – Professional staff members and/or tutors are happy to visit classes in order to explain the services offered by SASC. Alternatively, professors may bring their students to the drop-in center to get oriented to our space. Class visits provide a great opportunity for us to distribute bookmarks that describe our services and list our drop-in hours. Additionally, we strive to reinforce that SASC is a collaborative work space for ALL students, not just students who are struggling.
  • Office Hours: Interested in holding your office hours in the Student Academic Support Center? Fill out this form, email us at, or drop by SASC to talk with us and check out our space.
  • Course Workshops – Members of the professional staff are willing to work with a classroom instructor to design and lead a workshop on quantitative skills to accompany a specific lecture or course. The professional staff is also willing to work with a classroom instructor to design and lead workshops on topics such as study strategies and effective time management. To learn more about learning strategies workshops we have designed in the past or to request one for your group, please see our learning strategies workshop page here.
  • Share or Co-create Materials: We invite you to share study/resource materials (e.g., online video series, articles, resources for content review) that are relevant to your discipline to provide students multiple sources of access. Additionally, we can partner with you to develop resource handouts for your course (e.g., formula sheets, links to useful resources, etc.).
  • Request Support: Reach out to if you are interested in exploring support options for your course.

Are you looking for advice on how to promote the services of the Student Academic Support Center to your students?

Look no further! We invite you to use our recommended syllabus blurb and list of talking points.

The photos below show vibrant interactions between students and their professor during office hours. This, too, could be your office hours in SASC!