General Study Resources and Strategies

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How to Study Math at Bates

Taking Notes

Truly effective note-taking involves three parts:  the work you do before class, the work you do during class, and the work that you do after class.  Learning how to develop effective note-taking skills helps you stay organized, helps you make connections and helps you notice and clarify points of uncertainty.

  • Before Class:
    • READ! Even math texts! 
    • Write down headings, definitions, theorems. Think about translating the heading to a question.  Look at the end of the section; what types of questions are you going to be expected to answer?
    • Neuroscience tells us that this pre-reading has value, even if you don’t understand what you are reading.
    • Write down questions that come to mind.
  • In Class:
  • After Class
    • Re-read.  Do you understand your notes?  Annotate your notes (use a different color!)  with any questions that you have.  Highlight important points that were made.
    • Re-write your notes if they are messy.

Study Skills

Time Management

Use this Weekly Planner Calendar to keep up with your weekly responsibilities.

How to “Scan” Handwritten Homework for Upload to Lyceum

Is your prof asking you to “scan” your handwritten work for upload to Lyceum or to email them a pdf? No worries! You can use your smartphone to do this. Better yet, there’s no need to spend money on a third-party “scan to pdf” app!

Tips for Successful Group Work

Thanks to Lindsey Hamilton, Director of the Center for Inclusive Teaching and Learning, for sharing these resources!

Tutor-Created Resources