Syllabus Blurb

We encourage you to use the following blurb in your syllabus to describe the Student Academic Support Center and its services:

The Student Academic Support Center (SASC) provides peer-led support for introductory and intermediate level courses in mathematics, statistics, programming, natural sciences, life sciences, and quantitative social sciences. Additionally, SASC provides support for students using a variety of quantitative skills required for courses across the curriculum. The Student Academic Support Center also provides a variety of workshops in quantitative skills, time management, note-taking, and study skills.  Course-Attached Tutors are embedded in courses with the highest demand for tutoring.  CATs provide assistance outside of class in the form of weekly help sessions and private appointments. 

SASC is located in the Peer Learning Commons (PLC) on the Ground Floor of Ladd Library.  Students are invited to stop by, without an appointment, to the drop-in hours in Ladd to meet with a tutor, study independently, meet up with classmates, or to discuss learning strategies. Students who wish to set up an individual appointment can discuss options with a Resource Representative at the PLC check-in desk.  For more information go to Or, email to ask additional questions.

Download: syllabus blurb (pdf)