Looking for Digital Access to Textbooks?

Textbooks for ALL courses at Bates are available through the Ladd Library Reserves – just ask at the front desk. SOME textbooks are also available online. Looking for access to a digital copy of the text for your STEM class or the class you support as a tutor? Some quick links to digital library reserves are provided below for many courses supported by SASC. If our list doesn’t meet your needs then you can check out Ladd Library’s page on Off Campus Access to Library Resources and the Lyceum page for your course to see what your professor has already provided. Please note, that only SOME textbooks are available digitally.

Bio 202 Cellular Basis of Life –

Bio 206 Evolution and Interactions of Life

Chem 107 Atomic and Molecular Structure

Chem 217 Organic Chemistry

DCS 105 Calling Bull: Data Literacy and Information Science

DCS 109 Intro to Computing/Programming – check Lyceum. Please contact Prof. Lawson or Prof. Hughen with questions.

DCS 111 Programming for the Humanities

DCS 211 Programming for Insight – check Lyceum. Please contact Prof. Lawson with questions.

Econ 250 Statistics – Essentials of Business and Economics, 8th or 9th edition by Anderson. Also check Lyceum.  Please contact Prof. Goff with questions.

Econ 255 Econometrics – MYLAB ECONOMICS W/ PEARSON ETEXT – ACCESS CARD – FOR INTRO TO ECONOMETRICS, 4/E 4th edition. Also check Lyceum. Please contact Prof. Rakitan with questions.

Math 105 Calculus I – Active Calculus by Matthew Boelkins (html) (pdf)

Math 106 Calculus II – Active Calculus by Matthew Boelkins (html) (pdf)

Math 206 Multivariable Calculus – check Lyceum. Please contact Prof.with questions.

Math 214 Probability – check Lyceum. Please contact Prof. with questions.

Math 219 Differential Equations – Differential Equations: From Calculus to Dynamical Systems, 2nd edition by Noonburg.

Math 221 Introduction to Abstraction – Book of Proof (3rd edition) by Hammack

Neuro 160 Introduction to Neuroscience

Physics 107 Introductory Physics of Living Systems

Physics 109 Energy, Matter and Motion

Psych 218 Statistics – check Lyceum. Please contact Prof. Boucher with questions.