Etna: Bates Collaborative File Storage

Etna – What is it?

Etna is a network file share with two purposes. The “Scholarship” fork provides all faculty with permanent, secure, and backed up storage of digital data related to their scholarship. The “Classes” fork provides classes with ephemeral (contents are deleted annually) network storage and has areas for students, faculty and the class group as a whole.

Etna Scholarship:

An Etna | Scholarship directory can be set up with subdirectories (or “folders”) for all of your Bates faculty collaborators, support staff and student researchers.  As owner of your Etnascholarship directory, you have access to everything in it and can request different permission levels for collaborators, staff and students.  Having students use this networked space to store their data simplifies access and archiving of these data for you.  When students leave a project, their access to the resource can be rescinded while your access remains unchanged.  Also, because these data are backed up, it is possible to recover things that have been removed or deleted unintentionally.

Etna Classes:

Etna | Classes directories can be created for courses that will generate large amounts of digital data.  Courses involving collections of images, sound files, and lab data (GIS data, compiled field data and notes, etc.) would all be good candidates.

The internal structure of a class directory is comprised of a group folder and individual folders for you and each of the students in your course.  Student folders are created automatically from lists taken from Banner.  The folder list is periodically updated, so that folders are automatically created for students who add the course after it has started.  You have access to everything in your “classes” directory.  Individual students can only access their own directory and a common folder that is accessible to all.


Etna – Get It Now or Modify It Later

We have simple web forms that you can use to request either creation of new space on Etna or modifications to an existing space.

For Etna directory creation or modification, please click on the appropriate link below.

Etna | Scholarship: New requests or modifications to existing space

Etna | Classes: New requests or modifications to existing space

Etna – Get Answers

If you have questions of any kind about Etna storage, please contact Peter Schlax ( in the Ladd Library or Kai Evenson ( in the Curricular and Research Computing group. We are happy to help.


Etna – Gain Access to It

All students, Faculty and staff can gain access to Etna from any computer on the Bates network (except library kiosks). The resource will not show up as a network drive (think China or Belfast). Users must make a connection manually. Fortunately, this is easy to do.

Access Etna from Windows 7:

In the lower left corner of the screen:

  • Click on the Start menu in the lower left corner of the screen
  • Enter \\\etna


  • \\paris\etna
The resulting file manager window will now provide access to the Etna directory.

Access Etna from Windows 10:

Bring up the Start menu in the lower left corner of the screen:

  • Right click on the start menu
Win10 Etna Login_080217a
In the Run window, type:

  • \\paris
Win10 Etna Login_080217b
Enter your Bates username in the format:

  • bcis\{username}

Enter your current Bates password, select the remember my credentials box, and then choose “OK”.

Win10 Etna Login_080217c
The resulting file manager window will now provide access to the Etna directory.

Access Etna from Mac OS:

In the finder window:

  • choose the “Go” menu and
  • select “Connect to Server…”
Then, in the “Connect to Server” Dialog box:

  • enter smb://
  • click “Connect”

The operating system will open a file manager window showing the contents of Etna. From there you can navigate to your materials:



Access Etna from Off Campus:

Etna can be reached from off campus using either of two virtual personal network (vpn) options. These connections provide a secure connection between your computer and the Bates network.

Option 1:

Option 1 is a browser-based vpn solution that is very convenient for gaining access to Etna. Navigate to and enter your Bates username and password to connect.

Option 2:

Option 2 is a client solution that is administered by ILS through the Help Desk. Please contact that office (via email at or phone at 786-8222) to have the vpn client installed on your computer. They will provide instructions on how to connect to the Bates network during the install process.