Welcome to the SEO

The Bates College Student Employment Office provides students with opportunities to enrich their growth by acquiring part-time positions on or off campus. Many jobs teach students the basics of working in an office environment which includes being able to: organize books, packages and files, coordinate meetings and events and learn different computer programs. Students gain skills that they can take with them after Bates and into another professional setting.

How Do I Find a Job?

Students are encouraged to frequently look at the list of positions available on campus which gets updated whenever there are new job opportunities. It is also helpful to check out the Student Employment Facebook page which posts about job opportunities as well. Students should also join the SEO On-Call list which notifies those on the on-call list via email when a new employment position is available

Subscribe to the on-call list:

  1. Open a web browser to https://lists.bates.edu/mailman/listinfo/seo-oncall
  2. Once at the seo-oncall subscription web page, provide the required information (email and name).
  3. Click “Subscribe”
  4. An email confirmation will be sent to your Bates email account. When you receive this email, click on the “visit this web page” link to confirm your subscription. Click subscribe to confirm your request or respond to the email as directed

What Types of Jobs Are There?

Jobs tend to fall under four categories:

  • Desk Jobs: students take calls, do small projects as well as other tasks like working at the Harward Center, interning for offices on campus and calling people for the Bates Fund
  • Labor/Movement Focused Jobs: students fill positions that rely on strength and cardio like Zumba instructors, Lifeguards and Package Center Workers
  • Teaching and Tutoring Jobs: Students take on the roll of being a teacher’s assistant, math tutor, PALS member, peer writing tutor or a note taker for class.
  • Specific Skillset Jobs: positions that take some previous knowledge such as a baker in the kitchen, a pottery studio assistant, an aquarium technician, a barista, or a Help Desk worker.

Quick Links:

Paper Timesheet

Preparations for work

Review these basic steps to getting an on-campus job (PDF)