Undergraduate Research Summit

The Chemistry Division of the National Science Foundation provided support to hold an Undergraduate Research Summit meeting at Bates College on August 2-4, 2003. The purpose of the summit was to examine the issues involved in undertaking and sustaining chemistry research at primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs) and to publish a final report that provides recommendations on how to enhance the number, quality, productivity, and visibility of chemistry research programs at PUIs. Recommendations in the report are aimed at individuals, departments, institutions, and funding agencies.

The meeting brought together leaders from the chemistry community and participants represented a variety of constituencies including different types of public and private undergraduate institutions, doctoral-granting institutions, industry, national laboratories, and funding agencies. The summit was funded in response to a proposal submitted by Thomas Wenzel of Bates College. The proposal was developed in consultation with a steering committee. Participants explored a variety of topics at the meeting, the discussion of which was facilitated by a series of ten white papers.

A variety of dissemination activities were developed after the meeting to broadly communicate the outcomes of the summit meeting and to foster implementation of the recommendations contained in the final report. Many of these activities are being developed through the Chemistry Council of the Council on Undergraduate Research(www.cur.org).

Anyone wanting to know more about the summit meeting and follow-up activities is encouraged to contact Thomas Wenzel(twenzel@bates.edu).