Research is a fundamental part of the Chemistry major. Chemistry majors at Bates College collaborate with faculty mentors to answer novel research questions. Students and faculty work side-by-side using the same techniques and instruments in the laboratory.

Summer research opportunities

During the summer, there is normally a large group of students working in Dana Chemistry. Students are either funded through Bates College grants or through the grants individual faculty members have from the NSF, NIH or other agencies. Information about Bates College Student Grants is available through this link.

Off campus, many chemistry students conduct research in an industrial setting or at another academic institution through an NSF funded Research Experience for Undergraduates program. Internship information is available through the Center for Purposeful Work.

The Senior Thesis

The capstone of the Chemistry major is the Senior thesis. Usually students conduct a two semester laboratory investigation collaboratively with a faculty member. Many projects lead to presentations at regional and local conferences and/or to publications in peer reviewed scientific journals. Students present their research progress formally to the campus community during the Mt. David Summit and at weekly seminars. The Chemistry department has information about the Honors Thesis HERE.

The best way to find out about research opportunities is to talk to faculty members.