Remote vs In-person Teaching

Can faculty choose how their courses can be delivered (full in-person, a mixed model or fully remotely)?
  • Faculty will have the choice of their mode of instruction. We understand that certain faculty have personal or family concerns that may make it difficult or unwise for them to teach in person. We are working hard to protect the in-person experience in a way that prioritizes and protects the health of faculty, staff, and students in a manner consistent with the best guidance available from public health experts.
Can faculty discuss course delivery options with the dean?
  • The dean of the faculty welcomes conversation about course delivery options. Lori Ouellette ( will set up meetings with any faculty interested in such a conversation with the dean or associate dean.
How will delivery options be indicated for courses in 2020-21?
  • We must identify the mode of instruction for all courses relatively soon so that students can make informed decisions and select courses that match their preferences about instructional mode. For this reason, we will soon ask that faculty identify the courses they will teach entirely remotely, entirely in-person, or in a mixed model approach.
If a  faculty member is teaching remotely, do they have to reside in Maine?
  • Each state has its own laws regarding out-of-state employment. If you do not reside in Maine you must contact Jason Scheideman ( in the Dean of Faculty’s office prior to performing services out of state to see if an exception to residency in Maine is possible.