Welcome to the Department of Earth and Climate Sciences (EACS), formerly known as Geology!

Students interested in studying the science of the earth and its environment can do so in EACS.  Students learn about mountains, volcanoes, earth quakes, climate change, lakes, rivers, coastal zones, glaciers, natural hazards, water, and human impacts on the environment (to name a few) by studying these topics first hand in the field, in the laboratory, and in the classroom.  Using inclusive pedagogies, we stress the importance of experiential learning and discovery, communication, and collaboration. Students in the Department of Earth and Climate Sciences work with their peers and faculty to build new knowledge and solve real-world problems.

The EACS curriculum is scaffolded; students explore the topic and enter the major by taking any 100-level, introductory course.  These courses are open to everyone.  More in depth courses are then taken at the 200- and 300- levels and then thesis.

The EACS curriculum is flexible.  Students create their major from a suite of EACS courses at all levels of the curriculum.  Additionally, classes offered in Environmental Studies, Chemistry, Biology and Physics can be applied to the degree to create a more interdisciplinary focus within the EACS major.

The students, staff, and faculty of the Department of Earth and Climate Sciences are actively engaged in the college community, in the Lewiston/Auburn and Maine communities, and in the scientific community.  We welcome you and hope to see you in our classes and to meet you in our monthly departmental gatherings (aka. EACS/GEO LUNCH and LEARNS) which are open to the entire community.

Enjoy the montage of GEO/EACS students engaged in coursework below- and reach out with questions to any of the faculty and staff in the department.  We look forward to hearing from you!