Rebecca Larkin Minor

Assistant in Instruction


Carnegie 218



Rebecca is a field scientist with experience teaching and mentoring undergraduate students.  She graduated with a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies (Geology and Biology) from Bates in 2003, after bedrock mapping in the Presidential Range, NH and electron microprobe dating of monazite grains during her Honors Senior Thesis experience.  She is excited to be back at Bates as the Assistant in Instruction in Earth and Climate Sciences, starting fall of 2019!  She completed a Master’s Degree at the University of Arizona in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment, studying endangered Mount Graham Red Squirrels.  Rebecca has 8 years of experience managing a research lab at the University of Arizona focused on the Critical Zone, that dynamic zone of the earth from the bedrock up through the part of earth’s atmosphere influenced by topography and ecosystem processes (the planetary boundary layer).  This most recent area of research has focused on providing climate modelers with a measurement based understanding of carbon and water cycling in montane, riparian, and desert systems of the southwestern US.

Link to Rebecca Larkin Minor on Google Scholar:  Google Scholar Profile

Plate Tectonics and Tectonic Hazards – EACS 104
Field Geology of Maine – EACS 107
Coastal Hazards – FYS 476