Payment Overview

Important information about fees and payment options.

Fees and Due Dates for 2019-20
Type of Fee
Due Date
Admission enrollment deposit $300 May 1
Fall semester fee $35,694 August 1
Winter semester fee $35,694 December 1
Off-campus study registration fee (per semester) $2,498 August 1/December 1
Student health insurance* TBD August 1

*For students who elect coverage.

Bates Billing Notification

Bates produces online bills that can be accessed through the student’s Garnet Gateway account. Students and parents (if the student has provided authorization) are notified monthly by email when bills are ready to be viewed. If a student doesn’t authorize a parent to have access to the bill, the student receives all billing notification and assumes responsibility for payment.

Billing notification is sent by Student Financial Services on or around July 10 for the fall semester, and November 10 for the winter semester. Students are strongly encouraged to make sure their parents or other sponsors have access to the bill by authorizing access through the Garnet Gateway. Questions concerning the bill or payment to Bates should be directed to

Payment Options

Students and parents can pay by check or use a checking or statement savings account to pay online. Bates does not accept credit cards for payment of the student account. Payments made by check should be sent to Student Financial Services, 44 Mountain Avenue, Lewiston, ME 04240.

International Payments

Bates has partnered with Flywire to streamline the tuition payment process for international students and families. Flywire’s mission is to save international students and their families money that would otherwise be lost on bank fees and unfavorable foreign exchange rates. Families who use Flywire are offered excellent foreign exchange rates and are able to pay in their home currency, saving a significant amount of money compared to traditional banks. Families can track payments online through the transfer process, and are provided with email confirmation when payment is received by Bates.

Payment Policies

All student charges must be paid by the published due date each semester. A late payment fee of 1% of the outstanding balance is assessed each month for accounts with balances greater than $500.

Financial aid that has been awarded and anticipated proceeds from student and parent loans that have been certified by Bates are deducted from the balance due before any late fees are assessed. Students are encouraged to check their financial aid status on the Garnet Gateway to make certain that all financial aid requirements have been received.

Students who have not submitted required financial aid documentation by applicable deadlines and have therefore not received a financial aid award are not exempt from late fee charges, nor are they permitted to delay payment.

Outside scholarships are applied to student accounts when they are received; anticipated payments are not deducted from the balance due before late fees are applied.

Scholarship checks from private organizations should be mailed directly to Student Financial Services. Please do not mail scholarship checks with other payments. Scholarships are divided evenly (unless noted otherwise by the donor) between semesters.

Make sure your parents have access to your student bill and financial aid information.

Bates students use the Garnet Gateway to register for classes, view grades, and review important financial aid and student account information. Parents and other individuals authorized by their students can also view this information on the Garnet Gateway, using their own credentials.

In order for parents to view their student’s information, the student must authorize access. The student has the ability to authorize access for all or a combination of his or her academic, financial aid, and student account information. Access can be granted to parents, step-parents, grandparents, or other individuals and can be established for all areas or limited to a particular area –  the student account, for example – depending upon the student’s preferences, and can be updated at any time by the student.

Parents who do not currently have access to student information on the Garnet Gateway, but who would like to have access to financial aid, billing statements or other online records should talk with their students about having access granted.

How do I grant access for my parent or other individual to see my financial aid and/or student account information on the Garnet Gateway?

To grant access, go to the Garnet Gateway and click on the Authorize Account Access under the Account & Access menu. From here, you can select who should have access to your information and the types of information that you’d like that person to be able to view. Once you submit your selections, Bates will create a user ID and PIN that will be mailed to the person to whom you granted access. An email confirmation of your selections will be sent to you and the person you’ve authorized to view your information.

I want my parents to be able to see my financial aid and student account information, but not my grades – is this possible?

Yes. Access is available for as few or as many of the options presented – you can allow different people to see different things. You can update or change access at any time.

If someone other than my parent is responsible for my Bates financial account, can I add that person as an authorized viewer?

Yes. You can authorize any individual to have access to your online information, although we urge you to consider carefully who will have access to your information before you grant that access. Please note that it is not necessary for you to grant access in order to have your academic record sent to a third-party – you can use the Garnet Gateway to request an official transcript.

How do I add other individuals as authorized viewers?

You can add other individuals by selecting Authorize Account Access under the Account & Access menu. Make sure you fill out the form completely. It will take between 24 and 72 hours to add a person to your authorization list. Once he or she appears on the list, you may grant them access.

How do I remove an authorized viewer?

Simply uncheck the boxes that are checked authorizing access, and submit your changes.

If my parents forget their PINs, who should they contact?

If your parent forgets a PIN, he or she can use the Forgot PIN feature on the login page. Your parent can enter his or her ID number, then click on Forgot PIN – the PIN can be changed after your parent responds to his or her security question. If this does not work, please ask your parent to contact Help Desk Services at (207) 786-8222.

How long will it take for Bates to send my parent a PIN?

After you have granted access to your parent or other authorized individual, a letter containing Garnet Gateway credentials will be mailed to that person’s home mailing address. It takes about a week for this letter to reach US addresses.

My parents are able to access the Garnet Gateway from home, but get an error message when trying to access it from their place of employment – why is this?

Some businesses have a fire wall that will not allow access to some outside Internet sites. Your parent may wish to contact the network administrator at his or her workplace to see if an adjustment can be made to the fire wall software to allow access to the Garnet Gateway.

Who should my parents contact if they have questions about what they see behind the Garnet Gateway?

If your parents have questions concerning your student account or financial aid, they can contact Student Financial Services at (207) 786-6096. If they have questions about your grades, academic holds, or transcript, they can contact the Office of the Registrar and Academic Systems at (207) 755-5949.

What is FERPA and is student authorization necessary?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is the federal law which protects the privacy of students and prohibits colleges and universities from disclosing any information from a student’s education records without the authorization of the student. For more information on FERPA, please refer to the Bates College Catalog.

Bates requires all full-time students to have health insurance and offers coverage to students who are not covered through another policy.

To ensure that students have the opportunity to enroll in the Bates Student Health Insurance plan, the college annually asks students to indicate on the Garnet Gateway whether insurance coverage is needed. Students can elect coverage through the Bates plan or decline coverage if they are covered through another insurance policy. International students cannot decline coverage unless they are insured under a U.S. plan. The 2019-20 premium for coverage has not been determined but will be updated on this page when it becomes available. Please note that students awarded need-based financial aid from Bates receive additional grant to offset 100 percent of this cost.

The Bates College Student Health Insurance Plan becomes effective August 15, 2019, and ends August 14, 2020.

Health Insurance Election Process

To elect or decline health insurance coverage through Bates, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Garnet Gateway, then select Student Health Insurance under the Tuition menu.
  2. Choose Accept to automatically be enrolled in the college’s plan or Decline if you already have coverage.
  3. When you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation of your selection. You can change your mind as many times as necessary until July 31st, which is when the enrollment period end.

The deadline for making an election is July 31, 2019. For students enrolling in the Winter Term, the deadline is January 31, 2020. Students who do not make an election will be enrolled in the college’s health insurance plan and charged for the cost of the premium.

Please note that students are the only individuals who can elect or decline coverage through the Garnet Gateway.

Insurance cards for students electing coverage will be mailed to campus mailboxes in August. Students and parents who have questions concerning policy coverage can contact Cross Insurance Agency at 1-800-537-6444 for more information.

A payment plan allows your family to spread costs across the academic year.

Bates offers a monthly payment plan through Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to help families spread their payments across the academic year in equal installments. Families can choose from plans covering a single semester or the full year, with each offering flexible payment options. Most families elect the 10-month plan, which starts in July and ends in April. The fee to enroll in a full-year plan is $70 – the semester enrollment fee is $55. Families who wish to enroll in a plan or would like additional information may call 800-722-4867 or visit

Please note that TMS cannot advise you on the amount of your budgeted payment plan – you will need to calculate this amount. Payment plans can be adjusted or updated as needed by contacting TMS.

Participants in the payment plan receive monthly bills from Bates until the student’s account is paid in full. If the amount budgeted by the family is not sufficient to cover the student’s bill by the end of the term, a reminder may be sent to the family from Student Financial Services.

Loans are funds that you have to pay back, usually after you graduate.  Student loan assistance from one or more programs may be included as part of a financial aid award.

Federal Direct Student Loans

Students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and have filed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are eligible, including those who do not qualify for need-based aid.  Students who do not qualify for need-based aid are ineligible for the interest subsidy from the federal government. Borrowers of unsubsidized Direct Loans can either pay the interest quarterly or choose to have the interest accrue while they are enrolled in college.

Annual Loan Limits 
Student Grade Level Subsidized Unsubsidized Total
1st Year $3,500 $2,000 $5,500
2nd Year $4,500 $2,000 $6,500
3rd Year $5,500 $2,000 $7,500
4th Year and above $5,500 $2,000 $7,500
Aggregate Loan Limits $23,000 $8,000 $31,000
Interest Rate/Loan Fees

The interest rate for subsidized Direct Loans is fixed at 5.05% for loans disbursed on or after 7/1/18 and before 7/1/19. If a student qualifies for the in-school subsidy, the federal government pays the interest on the loan while the student is enrolled. The interest rate on unsubsidized Direct Loans is also 5.05%, with the borrower responsible for paying any accrued interest. An origination fee of 1.062% of the principal loan amount is deducted from each disbursement before it is credited to the student account.

Direct Student Loan Application Process

Students who wish to borrow a Direct Student Loan must follow these steps:

  1. File a FAFSA so that eligibility for any subsidized loan amount can be established.
  2. Complete a Federal Direct Student Loan Authorization Form (PDF)
  3. First-time borrowers must complete an Electronic Master Promissory Note (eMPN) at
  4. First-time borrowers must complete loan entrance counseling at

Please note that federal regulations do not permit us to certify loans after the end of the academic year; therefore, all of the requirements listed above must be completed and/or received in our office prior to the end of the academic year.

Direct Loan Repayment

Repayment of Direct Loans begins six months after the student graduates or otherwise ceases enrollment. The standard repayment term is 10 years, and alternate terms such as extended repayment, graduated repayment and income-contingent repayment are also available. Information about loan repayment plans (with sample repayment calculators) is available at

The Federal Direct PLUS Loan is a non-need-based loan for parents of all income levels. Parents without an adverse credit history may borrow up to the total cost of education minus financial aid.

Interest Rate/Loan Fees

Federal PLUS Loans have a fixed interest rate of 7.60%. An origination fee of 4.248% of the loan principal is deducted at the time of loan disbursement.

PLUS Application Process

Parents who wish to borrow through PLUS can request a loan and complete an electronic Master Promissory Note (eMPN) at Please note that students are also required to complete the FAFSA (school code 002036.)

Please note that federal regulations do not permit us to certify loans after the end of the academic year; therefore, the requirements outlined above must be completed prior to the end of the academic year.


Loan proceeds are disbursed in two equal installments, once each semester.

PLUS Loan Repayment

Repayment of PLUS Loans begins 60 days after the funds are fully disbursed. Parents have the option of deferring payments on the PLUS Loan while the undergraduate student on whose behalf the loan was borrowed is enrolled and during the six-month grace period after the student graduates or ceases to be a student. Interest continues to accrue during this deferment period, however. Alternate repayment terms such as extended repayment, graduated repayment and income-contingent repayment are also available. Extending repayment can make monthly payments more manageable, but may result in more interest paid over time. Comprehensive information regarding loan repayment, including repayment calculators to help you estimate monthly payments is available through at