Room Change Process

The room change process is now closed for Winter 2024.

The Room Change Process allows upper-division students to change their housing assignment and move into new spaces that open over the course of the semester.

The Room Change Process operates on a first-come, first-served basis by class year during the add/drop period. Afterwards, the process does not take class year into account.

If you are a first-year student, you should speak to your JA about setting up a roommate mediation. First-years are not part of the Room Change Process.

How the Room Change Process Works

Signing Up
Any upper-class student can fill out the Room Change Process Form after 8:00 am on the first day of classes for the semester. Submissions or inquiries ahead of this time will not be considered. Students simply fill out the form to be placed on our list on a first-come, first-served basis (with class year taken into account during the add/drop period). You can remove yourself at any time by emailing You can add yourself until the process closes approximately one month before the end of the semester.
Notification of available spaces
When a space is available for you, our office will call you. In addition, you will also receive information by email. You will have the autonomy to select any offered space, to pass and remain in the process for the next available space, or to decide to remain in your current housing assignment. If a student denies two rooms that fit their room change request form, they will be moved to the bottom of the list. You have 24 hours to reply or we will move on to the next student.
Moving rooms
Once you confirm you want to change to a room you were offered, you have 48 hours to pick up your new key from Campus Safety, move your items, and return your previous key to Campus Safety. During this period you will have access to both buildings for moving purposes. You should clean out your previous room as instructed in the Moving Out information. Anything left in your previous room after 48 hours will be considered trash or donation. Excessive trash, etc. will be subject to cleaning charges.
Accommodations for diagnosed disabilities
If you have a diagnosed disability and are pursuing a medical accommodation, you should contact the Office of Accessible Education. Please note that students in the accommodations process are not making a request for a specific housing assignment, but rather a request for an accommodation. 
Closing the Room Change Process
The Room Change Process closes approximately one month before the end of the semester. We do not move any students after this. If you are not offered a space or a space you are interested in, you are welcome to rejoin the process on the first day of classes for the next semester if you choose. You will not automatically rollover.

Open Beds in Shared Spaces or Theme Houses

Open beds in these two spaces may be on Room Change Process, but only after the remaining roommate or the Theme House Coordinator has the opportunity to fill the space.

Shared Spaces
If a bed opens up in a room before, during, or between semesters, the student (group of students for a block or suite) that will remain in that space can fill the open bed with an upper-division student of their choice. If the current student does not take the opportunity to fill the space, the bed will be assigned by our office as needed throughout the year. To move a student of your choice into your shared space, you should email copying all current and hopeful roommates. We are not able to “hold” an open bed for a semester.
Theme Houses
As theme houses are smaller communities focused on a specific area of interest, Theme House Coordinators have the first opportunity to fill open beds in their house. If they do not take this opportunity, the beds will be filled by our office as needed.

2023-2024 Room Change Process Dates

First Day of Classes for the semester at 8:00am:


  • Fall 2023: Wednesday, Sept 6
  • Winter 2024: Wednesday, January 10
Room Change Process begins
Approximately 4 weeks before the end of the semester


  • Fall 2023: Thursday, Nov 16
  • Winter 2024: TBD
Room Change Process closes

Room Change Process FAQs

Can I  change rooms before move-in?
No, most of the spaces that are open during the room change process are those that were not available during the Summer or Winter Placement Process, most likely from a student whose plans have changed for the semester. We wait until the first day of classes to be sure of what rooms are truly available.

Can you send me a list of the rooms that will be available?
No, as stated above, as these spaces are typically from students whose plans have changed, it is impossible for us to provide a list ahead of time.

Am I guaranteed to get a single?
No, we can not guarantee any rooms.

When will I hear back?
You could hear back in a couple of days or not until the end of the semester if there are no spaces available. While we hope to meet student demand this is not always possible. We require students to respond to us within 24 hours to give as many students as possible the opportunity to change rooms.

My friend with a single is now taking a leave, can they “gift” me their single?
No, any rooms or suites that will be entirely vacated for the semester will be part of the room change process. We do not let popularity dictate access to housing options. It is not possible for students who are vacating rooms for the semester to transfer those rooms to other students.

How can I move my stuff?
Help from friends or teammates is how most students move their stuff during the semester. Facility Services can provide students with a handcart/dolly by request