Summer Placement for Fall Housing

Summer Placement is for students without an on-campus room assignment for the fall semester you will apply through HouseCat for the 2019-2020 Academic Year. If you are interested in living on campus for the summer, you should consult the Summer Housing page.


Who is part of Summer Placement?

If you were unable to choose a room in the housing selection process, you will need to apply for Summer Placement. This could include if you missed the general housing selection, were unable to select your first choice of room type (single/double), did not selection a space in the Remaining Room Process or you applied after the general housing deadline.  This application will open a few weeks after the general housing selection.


Where do I access the Summer Placement Application?

The application is electronic and through our HouseCat Portal. Please select for the Academic Year 2019-2020.


Housing is guaranteed

Because we value community and the residential college model, Bates guarantees housing for students for all four years. All students in the Summer Placement Process will be housed.


When do I find out my room?

You will be emailed your assigned space in mid-August. Over the course of the upcoming months, including the summer, we frequently see a variety of changes to which rooms are open, based on other student’s plans changing. By waiting till August we are able to gather the most accurate number of spaces that will be open and have much more variety to meet student’s preferences.


How are rooms assigned during the Summer Placement?

We assign rooms by class year and then by taking into account the preferences listed on your application. The more preferences you list in your application the more likely we are to place you in a space that works for your needs.


If I applied for a single in general housing and was unable to select one, will singles be available during summer placement?

Every year singles do open up for this process, but the number of singles that will be available is unknown. We highly encourage students, especially rising sophomores, to list options that involve a roommate, in case a single is not available.


If I don’t get a single will I get a “random roommate”?

Because enough singles may not be available to meet the demand during the placement process, we highly encourage students, especially rising sophomores, to consider students they are willing to room with. On the “Additional Info” page, you will be able to list names of students on the Summer Process that you might be interested in living with. Our office prefers to match students to identify others students to be paired with rather than have to place roommates using only their housing profile information if no singles are available.


Summer Placement Dates

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 Remaining Room Selection concludes
May 20, 2019 Summer Placement Applications open
August 1, 2019 Summer Placement Applications close at 4p.m.
mid- August 2019 Summer Placements released before Saturday, August 17