Winter Break Housing Overview

For most students, access to halls and houses will end on Tuesday, December 19, 2023, at 5pm and begin again on Sunday, January 7, 2024. While the majority of the college is on limited service or closed fully for the break, there are some categories of students that are allowed to continue to have access on campus and remain in campus housing. 

Eligibility and Application

Only students in the following categories are eligible to remain on campus:

(1) Senior students completing a year-long thesis 
(2) International students
(3) Students in exceptional circumstances
(4) Varsity winter athletes, required to be on campus by their coaches

The application is now closed for Winter Break 23-24.

Varsity Athletes

Varsity athletes will have their access dates determined by Athletics, as such they do not need to fill out this form. Residence Life will not coordinate access on days other than those permitted by Athletics. If individual athletes have questions they should contact their coach.

Residences and Access

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

In coordination with Bates Sustainability, we will continue to decrease the number of residences fully open for Winter Break. During break there will be a few buildings open at full temperature, some at low temperature (~61F/16C), and some will be fully closed. 

Building Temperature Status
We will make determinations on which buildings will remain open for break based on the forms we receive (and athletic rosters). We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work through the arrangements for the break and seek to close as many under-occupied buildings as possible. If your regular residence is closed, our office will work with you to have a different assignment over break. 

What we gain
By setting back the building temperatures in low occupancy spaces we save the following during the winter break:

5,300  gallons of  Oil
10,000  ccf of Natural Gas
10,000 gallons of Renewable Fuel Oil
100,000 kWh of electricity

This has a direct result of us not emitting 238 tonnes of greenhouse gases, and is the equivalent of keeping 60 cars off the road annually. It is a large portion of our carbon footprint – roughly 17% this year, meaning, we would be 17% higher if we had no ability to cool the buildings during breaks.

Residence Access
Students will have access to their break residence (regular semester room or temporary space) 24/7. Students do not generally have open access to other residences during the break as they do during the semester. If the building they are residing in over break does not have a kitchen, students will be given access to a building that does.

Students that are approved to be on campus have no “rent” charge. See below for meal information.


The board meal plan ends with dinner on Monday, December 18, 2023 and begins again for Winter 2024 with dinner on Tuesday, January 9, 2024. Students choosing to eat in Commons over this period will be charged per meal when open. Commons will be closed completely Wednesday, December 20, 2023 – Monday January 1, 2024. Please check the Dining Services website for specifics. 

Academic Break Meal Plan
Students who receive financial aid and have calculated family contributions of $15,000 or less are eligible for the Academic Break Meal Plan, which extends the student meal plan to include meals during academic breaks. Please check the Academic Break Meal Plan website for specifics. 

Cooking Meals
Students are able to cook their own meals in certain buildings over the break. If the building they are residing in over break does not have a kitchen, students will be given access to a building that does. 

Programs and Services

We support students throughout the academic year, including on breaks! A variety of offices and individual students collaborate each break period to provide events and programming for students who are staying on campus during break to get out of their rooms, engage with friends and meet new people!

Breaks at Bates
Breaks at Bates funding is available to students wishing to host an event or program open to all Bates students during official college breaks. Please review the Breaks at Bates website or connect to Campus Life with questions!

Bates Health Center
The partnership between CMMC and BHS is an essential connection to high-quality medical care. Staff in these areas will be relied upon to support the medical needs of our campus community.

To access medical care during winter break, students will be referred to the Central Maine Family Medical Residency on 76 High Street. Appointments can be made by calling 207-795-2800. Dr. Picard remains as the Primary Care Provider for many Bates students. Dr. Picard, Liza Keach (RN), Connor Farago (RN), and Amy Davidson (PSR) will be at the Residency Clinic for continuity of care. Your insurance will be billed for medical care visits.

Outside of business hours, students can access medical care at the CMMC Emergency Department or Urgent Care. More information can be found on the Bates Health Services website here.

HoursLocationStreet AddressPhone
Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.Central Maine Family Medical Residency at CMMC76 High Street, Lewiston, ME 04240207-795-2800
7 days a week, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.Maine Urgent Care in affiliation with CMMC685 Sabattus Street, Lewiston, ME 04240207-795-5050
24 hours a dayCMMC Emergency Department300 Main St., Lewiston, ME 04240 

Campus Safety and Residence Life Coordinators
Campus Safety is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Please call campus safety for emergencies and other concerns. There are no Residence Life Coordinators on-call during winter break. As always there is a dean on call for emergencies. For non-emergency medical needs, students may contact the CMMC Family Residency Clinic at 207-795-2800.

Other Campus Services
Residence Life does not oversee the opening and closing hours of other services on campus. It is best to check the individual resource’s website to have the most accurate information: 

Gym/fitness facilities
Bobcat Express
Ladd Library
Post and Print