Moving Out

End of the Year Information

And in the blink of an eye, it is your last week on campus. With saying goodbye to friends and finishing up finals, you may forget some important tasks to do before you leave campus. We have gathered information from different campus departments here. Please connect with their website for more specific details.

Move out on time
Know when you will lose access according to the residential calendar:

  • Non-Seniors:  Wednesday, May 26, 2021, at 5:00 p.m.
  • Seniors: Thursday, May 27, 2021, at 7:00 p.m.

Leaving Early?
If leaving before May 26, you should email regarding your travel plans. This will ensure that the Testing Center knows you will not be testing, etc. 

Our office will only approve exceptions for specific circumstances. We would extend access for 24 hours. Students will need to fill out a petition to extend access.

  • Travel booked for the following day for students with longer journeys
  • Non-seniors with graduating siblings
  • Students remaining on-campus for the beginning of or the whole summer
  • Students facing extenuating circumstances

Please fill out the Winter Semester Extension Petition if you a one day extension.

Can I stay and watch graduation?
All non-seniors will lose access to their housing on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. The only exceptions are noted above and students must petition for this. Access will not be extended for any student to watch graduation. Our office will extend non-senior siblings 24 hours to aid in family travel. An extension of housing access does not permit an invitation to graduation ceremonies or events. You should consult the Commencement 2021 FAQs with commencement ticketing questions.

What to do before you depart campus

Store your items
There is no storage available on campus during the summer. Students and families may contract with Dorm Room Movers for a full-service pick up, storage, and drop off in the fall. Students may also see the Facility Services website for a list of local storage facilities. Students often share a space with others.

Students are encouraged to donate their items to local charities. There will be a box truck from the Share Center on Monday, May 24 and Tuesday, May 25 from 10am-5pm in front of PGill. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bates will not be hosting “Clean Sweep” this year, we hope to bring this back popular tradition in future years to help reach our campus sustainability goals. Please do not leave donations in common spaces.

Take out the Trash
Take your trash and unusable items to the trash area. Anything left in a room trash can, on top of a room trash can, in a trash bag, or in the hallway is considered trash and will be disposed of. If you have large broken items please throw them out to avoid charges.

Ask your custodian for trash bags, brooms, or vacuums to make sure your room has been left in broom clean condition meaning:

  • free of all debris
  • free of personal effects
  • swept clean after their belongings have been removed

Return your Key
You should return your key to Campus Security before you leave to avoid late or rekeying fees. You should not leave your key in your room or give it to a friend to return. Check the Access Control website for information on the fees associated with not returning your key on time.

Return your library items
Make sure you return your library books and media to stay free of fees. You can see the Fines & Replacement costs on the Library website.

Move Out Assistance

As students depart campus at the end of the winter term, students will be allowed to accept assistance from two external community members/helpers if needed to remove their belongings from residential spaces. All visitors to campus, including those assisting with move out, are expected to comply with the following general regulations for visitors to campus. 

Guest Testing and Vaccination Policy
Each guest attending Commencement and/or assisting their students as they move out of their residence hall is expected to have done one of the following prior to arriving on campus.

  • Vaccinated for COVID-19: Be fully vaccinated prior to arrival on campus, which means being two weeks past a second Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna shot or two weeks past a single Johnson & Johnson shot. 
  • Tested for COVID-19: Have a negative COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours of arrival on campus or a negative COVID-19 antigen test within 24 hours of arrival on campus. 
  • Recent COVID-19 Diagnosis: If you have previously tested positive for COVID-19, be medically cleared and at least 10 days from, and within 90 days of, the date and time that you tested positive or received your clinical diagnosis from a medical provider. 

Guidance for Helpers
We recognize that students may need assistance removing items from their residence hall. Students are allowed to have up to two helpers enter the building to help with items under the following conditions. 

  • Helpers follow all expectations for visitors to campus
  • Helpers are only allowed to enter the building and proceed directly to their student’s room
  • Helpers may not be in the building longer than 15 minutes 
  • Helpers may only be in the building to provide direct assistance and must remain outside for the remainder of the process
  • Students are expected to have completed the packing process prior to the arrival of their helper

Public Health Practices
Current public health guidelines on campus:

  • Wear a face covering at all times while on campus both inside and outside
  • Maintain physical distancing at all times, except with those who you arrived to campus with and the student you have come to support
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available to facilitate hand hygiene
  • Do not gather in groups of over 10 people 
  • Limit the time you are on campus to the Commencement ceremony and move-out only