Timesheets & Timekeeping

It is the responsibility of every nonexempt staff member to accurately record the time he or she works on a time sheet each pay period.

The staff member’s supervisor must review the time sheet for accuracy, verify the hours worked, and calculate any hours eligible for premium pay (call in time, shift differential, or other). The electronic or written signature of the staff member and the supervisor certifies the accuracy of the information on the  time sheet. Federal and state laws require Bates College to keep an accurate record of time worked in order to calculate nonexempt staff member’s pay and benefits.

Nonexempt staff members should report to work no more than 7 minutes prior to their scheduled starting time nor stay more than 7 minutes after their scheduled stop time without the prior approval of their supervisor. Likewise, overtime work must be approved before it is performed, except under extenuating circumstances. For more information about work hours, refer to the employee handbook.

Supervisors of staff members who are working part-, half-, or three-quarter-time due to restricted duties while earning Short-term Disability or Workers’ Compensation benefits must ensure that the staff member’s time sheet correctly lists actual hours worked and time approved under the appropriate benefit category. Supervisors are also responsible for ensuring that their staff member’s time sheets indicate all paid and unpaid leaves including Family Medical leave.

Time sheets must be submitted on time each pay period in order for a staff member to get paid. The Payroll Office cannot assume that a nonexempt staff member has worked. A delay in submitting time sheets may result in the staff member not receiving a paycheck on the scheduled payday.

Employees (except for dining personnel) may print a generic time sheet found under Payroll on the FORMS tab.

If you have questions about the type of time sheet you should have, please contact the Payroll Office.