Class of 1952 reunion 2007

Class Secretary: Florence Dixon Prince, PO Box 594, Monument Beach MA 02553,

Class President: John Myers, 37 Eagle Wing Ln., Brewster MA 02631

Selections from the recent Class Letter: Peter Ault reports that he is still involved in town government in Wayne, Maine. He notes that he still mows the lawn, still cuts firewood, still shovels snow, and is still married to Lois…. Shirley Beal Dallam has been involved in a project through a quilt guild in Baton Rouge, making little quilts for preemie babies born in local hospitals, 100 donated already…. Three generations of Bellowses attended the 2004 graduation ceremonies on campus, including Dick Bellows, wife Carol, James ’75 and Elizabeth Bellows Dachos ’76, and their son, James Dachos, who graduated that day…. Nate and Harriet Howell Boone have joined a bike group, and regularly go off on 20-25 mile rides…. Marilyn Coffin Brown volunteers at the local museum and her church in Chatham, Mass., and often takes the boat to visit her 90-something mother on Nantucket…. Florence Dixon Prince reports that she had 27 Bates alums in her backyard last May…. Larch Foxon Miller is “living a nice, quiet life in Wilder, Vt.” She did spend a fourth summer at Camp Arcadia in Casco, a large girls’ camp run by friends of hers. She enjoys “teaching sewing, knitting, and generally playing grandma. Nice way for an old lady to feel you are needed and contributing.”… Carol Hollingsworth Collins, now officially retired, is finally at work on a version of a text on Introducao a Metodos Cromatograficos. She is coordinating editor as well as author of two and a half chapters…. Paul Koehn, a professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at SUNY-Oneonta, invited Bob Whealey to speak at SUNY last year after Bob’s talk on the history of World War II at the 2002 Reunion. Remember the bubble gum cards used to illustrate that presentation!… Susan Martin Ames and John ’53 moved a year ago into a roomy retirement community where they “are happy and set for the rest of our lives” in Sarasota, Fla…. Wilbur Rust and his wife, Sue, “embarked upon an entirely new and different adventure” in 2003. They taught English at the Fourth Military Medical Univ. in Xi’an, China. Students were Chinese military officers, physicians all, and a couple of medical students…. Edna Williamson Zemanian and her husband Armen were pleased with the many positive changes they saw in Armenia when they traveled there recently.