Class of 1986 reunion 2006

Class Secretary: Erica Seifert Plunkett, 56 Morton Street, Holliston MA 01746,

Class President: Angus Green, 6005 Natick Court, Burke, VA 22015,

Selections from the recent Class Letter: Kelli Armstrong works at Boston College as the director of its newly created office of institutional research. … Charles Baldwin has moved into a new position at UBS Investment Bank, and is a project manager in the Equities IT group…. John Boyle and his son took up snowboarding this year. “How do 6-year-olds make it look so easy?” he wonders…. William Carlezon received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers at a ceremony at the White House in May, one of only 57 young scientists nationwide to receive the award, which is given by the National Science and Technology Council. The NSTC was formed in 1993 and is chaired by the president. He was cited for “outstanding accomplishments that advance understanding of the neural mechanisms [within the brain] that code information, within specific circuits, about the rewarding and aversive properties of abused drugs.” … Barbara Carson McInnis and her family left England after five years and are now calling San Antonio home, where Barbara and Lee work at Lackland Air Force Base…. After a year and a half of commuting between Columbus, New York City, and northwest Connecticut, John Fiske and Dan Ludden decided to return to some semblance of a normal life. They have just completed building a new home in Ohio…. Michael Goldberg is president of the Massachusetts Psychological Assn., a two-year position. He continues as a scientific associate at Boston Children’s Hospital, an instructor at Harvard Medical School and as the director of Child and Family Psychological Services Inc., in Norwood and Holliston, Mass. … In Seattle, Jonathan Green is the family services manager with Neighborhood House,, Head Start, and Early Head Start…. Following the birth of her second child, Kathy Gundlach Austin went back to work as the director of student financial services at Harvard’s School of Public Health. It’s bittersweet, but at least she works a four-day work week…. Deborah Hansen De Haro has to say she’s happy about turning 40. “Just think of all the things that we don’t have to do again: all-night cramming, working two jobs to get through grad school, figuring out how to make it through the day when you’ve nursed a baby six times in one night.”… In 2005, Kristin Krause will be teaching at Bates as a lecturer. Kristin will be covering two classes for the neuroscience professor while she is on sabbatical…. Cat Lathrop Strahan says she and her family are fully settled in Massachusetts, which she defines as “converting my lifelong Yankee-fan husband to a Red Sox fan. Mission accomplished and it only took three years.” She works as a real-estate agent in Sudbury…. Allen Loyd has his own business designing theater sets and museum exhibits around the Tampa Bay area. He is also studying Chinese brush painting. Allen is a member of the steering committee of the Zodiac Group, which raises money for the Salvador Dali Museum. He constructed and painted a six-foot tall reproduction Dali painting where kids can put their faces into the painting to be photographed…. Heather Mackie and her husband, Michael, are writing a book on blended families. She continues to work to earn money for college tuition for her children…. Sue Megroz joined the board of trustees at her daughters’ school, which has turned into a bit of a part-time job. She handles all the fund raising, so it’s just like being back in sales…. Jeff Miller joined the firm of H2L2 Architects/Planners in spring 2003. He is thrilled (and a bit jet-lagged) to be leading academic construction projects for the Shanghai American School. “Little did I know that a Bates course in comparative religions would be very useful 20 years later!”… In 2003 Katie Murphy moved to New York but quickly decided she’d made a mistake and moved back to California, settling in Berkeley. She has a new job at her old law firm as a litigation legal assistant, and is thrilled to be getting six weeks of vacation. She joined a Masters swim team and recently competed in her first meet since being a Bobcat. In a continuing effort to justify her French major, she spent three weeks in the south of France…. Hagar Riley spent her 40th birthday in a villa on the Amalfi Coast with her family…. Ben Robinson spoke about the growing problem of identity theft on campus in May. As the chief privacy executive for Bank of America, he is an expert on financial privacy. He spoke as part of the Distinguished Alumni in Residence program. “The criminal mind has gone from stealing money to stealing identities because that seems to have a bigger pay day,” he said…. Erica Seifert Plunkett volunteers much of her time to the public schools and next year will be vice president of the elementary parents organization in Holliston, Mass…. Kent Sinclair is a partner at the Boston office of a Chicago-based law firm, Seyfarth Shaw. Most of his work involves litigating for information technology companies and foreign companies that get involved in U.S. lawsuits. Kent has gotten involved in local politics, helping out on several campaigns, including his wife’s two successful runs for school committee…. Joanna Stevens is back on Cape Cod in her hometown with her partner, Aimee. She keeps bumping into people whom she has not seen for 25 years. They live in her childhood home surrounded by the National Seashore with their daughter, Emma (5). Aimee is a building contractor and Joanna is kept busy volunteering in various roles at Emma’s school and with the park…. Meg Webb Wright works with an 11-year-old boy who is on the autism spectrum. She is learning a lot and enjoys being back at work. … Sharon Williams celebrated her 40th birthday in the Turks and Caicos Islands with 15 friends from high school…. Turning 40 helped Karen Wood Cartier discover that her parents weren’t old at this age after all!