While in-person classes are suspended at Bates due to COVID-19, the Mathematics & Statistics Workshop will provide remote support via scheduled video chat tutoring appointments for all courses supported by the MSW.

Check here for more details on remote academic support.

The Mathematics and Statistics Workshop offers assistance to students in introductory level courses that have a quantitative component.

During the semester when in-person classes are in session, our list of services for students includes the following:

  • Drop-in Hours Students are welcome to drop in, without an appointment, to review mathematics topics as needed or to use the computer resources.
  • Attached Tutors for Select Classes  In addition to the availability of drop-in hours, an attached tutor is assigned to each section of those courses which usually have a high demand for tutoring, such as: Calculus I, Calculus II, Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Great Ideas in Math, Working with Data, Probability, Mathematical Statistics, Econometrics, Psych Stats, Econ Stats, Neuro Stats, Biostatistics, and many introductory DCS courses. In addition to working in the drop-in center, attached tutors (usually) attend class once per week, alongside enrolled students. Students may schedule appointments, individually or with a group of friends, to meet with the attached tutor outside of class. Details on how to make an appointment are provided in class. Students in courses with an attached tutor are welcome to utilize all services of the MSW and are not limited to meeting with their attached tutor.
  • Individual Tutorials The MSW provides one-on-one tutoring for students in mathematics, statistics, and QF-courses. Instructors may refer students or students may seek assistance on their own.
  • Support with Technology The MSW provides tutorial sessions in the use of graphing calculators; software programs such as MATLAB, Minitab, Maple, SPSS, and Excel; in typesetting mathematical documents using LaΤeχ; and programming in introductory DCS courses.

Workshop Hours for the remainder of the Winter 2020 Term:

All tutoring will take place via online tutoring appointments.  To sign up for an appointment click here.