BOC Minutes 10/2/13

Minutes 10/2/13

advance-eve aka really quick meeting before advance.


That night we had a guest, Mike “stormtrooper” Sagan

Allie needs help cleaning up clam bake remnants outside of the boat barn- three volunteers were taken, I wonder how this clean-up trip went. As a general observation shared by many in the club, Allie needs to learn to clean better

JULIA, co-cave dwelling barbarian regent of the e-room says that nominations for new e-room workers are still being accepted


Katherine  McNally

Rishi “He who insults me [Brian “Voracious Toe” Kennedy] over email” Bommannan

JJ Kaufman

I also know others volunteered their names at the previous meeting when this was addressed, this will be cleared up tomorrow

JOSH, “hemp toga” Sturtevant said formal speeches were to be conducted by the want-to-be e-room workers. Varieties of rotten fruits and extended canes were to be procured in case of speech length excess.

SAybuel–> is anybody leaving from advance early? someone was

DANA–> work trip, only participant, five signed up, but all cowardly retreated from their obligation except for IAN “dedicated one” blank, nonetheless he still bailed. DANA saw the trail, he reported that it is “handi-cap accessible” Dana also obtained anecdotal evidence from thru-hiking bros that said the trail was ‘cool.’ Dana also hacked up blow downs, cleared bush, and squints into the distant future with the hopes of putting bog bridges in yet to be bod bridged parts ( aka bog bridgification). DANA also looking for BOC signage on the trail. Suspicions have begun to arise that Dana never actually went to Bemis, that his claims of productivity and conversation are but a farcical imagining of his nervous ego.

Kristen–>BAMF $15 7 pm saturday. I wonder how this went.

van picker-uppers needed! for k-tad trip. a prize, a favor, will result. I went and all I got was a peppermint at Larry’s U-Save, a little disappointed I was.


SARAH–> ‘gunks over october break price tag $1100 for ten heads. trip would be geared towards beginners rock humping trip (SPEACIAL TRIP)= longer than 2 days and over a break–> a vote will be needed 6-7 spots open. I heard this rock fondling maneuver is now closed.

SARAH–> real rock tour is happening on monday. “Hair Chin” barbadup went.

k-tad hike openings. email joshua  8-10 pm. Hella heads showed.

GEAR proposals

BONSAI TREE VOTE by the Bryan “The absolute worst” Leyhr–> tabled

I humbly proposed a brake for the surprisingly brakeless mountain board and was, to my astonishment, told ‘maybe Brian should buy bigger balls.’ I propose a forum on meeting etiquette and respect, however I have begun looking into the price of a testicular enhancement and the possibility of creating a Dr. Evil like trap door system beneath the chairs of club attendees.


-Brian “god of the porcupine people” Kennedy