BOC Minutes 10/23/13

The meeting started with a radical departure from orthodoxy, but alas so are the requirements of democracy- tired, broken, but needed.

E-room worker elections 

E-room workers stood and announced their intent and the nature of it

they stood and spoke as follows

Nate Diplock (aka ‘waxer’)

“i want to get more involved in outing club” He loves skiing, loves waxing boards, and adjusting trash bins. I also heard that Nate has special fondness for the Norwegian delicacy, Rakfisk, or fermented whitefish. I don’t know if this true, but it is definitely a circulating rumor and it is my job to cast aside the hotel room blinds and let the scalding mid morning sun in.


“Get more involved learn more about gear JJ ‘survived’ the van ride to k-tad.  He is a concert pianist and enjoys re-reading the lesser known works of James Gurney


Alex is ‘Interested in working in the e-room’ Alex was also in ‘the van’ to k-tad. Alex has some skills with bikes and skis and wants to know more about other stuff.


Ian volunteered because josh strong armed him. I was there that night at New Vale, #messed up # strongarm. Ian loves the outdoors

kate mcnally (aka Purell)

Kate “expresses interest in working in the E-room” Kate likes cleaning things that are dirty and carrying stuff and putting things in specific places. Her cleaning ability has yet to be verified

ALL HEADS HIRED- I haven’t checked in with Euan yet, but apparently all the new E-room vassals reported for duty at friday at 4:15


2 from John “turbo dup” Barbadup

(John’s number = 603-724-5095, call anytime, I think his waist size is 32)

John will be holding a waxing and tuning clinic soon EMAIL soon


sox game will be screened, I was there, it was ‘aight. However the camo old Milwaukee’s made up for the otherwise archaic 1950s entertainment.


  1. Chickora sat at 8 am and get back at 8 pm the mtn is in maine- 10 mile loop should be doable  This was done ‘parrently.

DAN- will hike the bigelows= two nine mile days (three spots available) early sat am and get back Sunday. I heard this happened.

JJ and Purell– want to eventually go to lean-to and hang and bring others and non-bocfolks.  Anne gave a shout out to her regal highness of the wood, judy for cutting the firewood for us to burn

Max- wants to go to saddleback soon. email will be sent (lets see if that happens)

ANNE- not quite sure what she is doin, wants to hike into the White Mountains Shangri-la= bond mountains. Anne will leave friday and do a big day Saturday and get back for the Halloween dance THIS WEEKEND “bonDS ARE A GEM”- last time I went to the bonds I saw one T-Rex and three Mastadons. I think I saw Anne at the dance.

NOVA SCOTIA–> I am leading a surf jaunt to Nova Scotia over T-giving, land of my shipbuilding Tory ancestors. I sent an email, but If you interested and did not see the email, sent an electronic message to me at, we can also skype at b.kennedy.666 (I prefer skype)

Sasha (aka black market aka the embezzler) wants to go the corn maze at Wallingford. Its a 2 hour jaunt into the corn, + there are other activities. Sasha will send an email.


Bryan “chestnut blight” LEhyr–> wants to buy a bonsai tree. It costs $5-10 dollars for the TREE. The vote was maid and the tree purchase passes, I WILL BURN THE TREE IF IT IS PLANTED.

BRIAN- I propose 2 winter wetsuits $638


Chris- A basin CO- two runs open- two runs more than everywhere else guy next to him is dressed in a knitted outfit. sweater took 1000 hours to make, the knitted snow-dissident has a company, steezymatto, its well worth the look

KEVIN DANG- multi pitch, miscommunications, gear needed to be retriveived, waiting, waiting, hike down barefoot through the night, slope, get to cliff area, colin leads the charge, “don’t follow me”  they were barefoot and walking, the moon was out. it was an “ok story” and

DALY- in south carolina and they saw big lizards, they saw that they big lizards were part of a family of alligators, she saw a seven foot alligator, commodo dragon dissapointment

Bryan “shit knee” lehyr had a skateboard in Atlanta GA, skated in terminals, dodging heads in terminal, successful skate, arrives in Portland, goes through the DO NOT STOP door, in confidence (and a lack of Ollie technique) lies hubris, Bryan “purgatory” leyhr hit the metal strip and eats it, “elbow still is sore,” Sore elbows =swellbow. Sirens start going off, the unmentionable one is on the floor, He grabs skateboards and runs, epic story from a despicable, tree fondling, good for nothing.

ALEX= wants to tell advance story, he was goin to say it in a dance, but a BOC meeting is an oratory equivalent, alex has a brother, bryan “worst role model possible” Lehyr was Alex’s brother’s camp counseler, brother is 13 years old. Alex and bro, did the pemigawassit loop. 4 days INTENSE. lincoln woods trail=closed, so they forded a river and got a late start, alex “king of non-linearity” insert a last name and bro get into the mountains and get on to BOND CLIFF, it starts raining, but the little BRO loved it, its dark because of the rain, alex nervous with the heavy burden of leadership, terrified he will mess up, terrified he will let his brother down, terrified that he, and his brother will fail, end up bruised, bloody, decomposing at the bottom of some unnamed slide in a bastard corner of the presidential.. They survived=the borther liked it, got stoked on the view!