BOC Minutes 2/11/15



-Noel: The green handled shovels used for clambake are missing from the E Room. Bring them back!

-Koby: Keep the climbing wall clean!

-Hannah: Pretty Faces is coming after break. (the 25th right after the meeting)

-Pardo: If you rent skis from the E Room, return them when it’s open.

-Judy: There is a speaker, tyler fish ‘96 coming to speak on the 25th at 7:30 in Muskie. He was the first american to reach the north pole on xc skis and has worked with Outward Bound.

*Also, as I’m sure most of you have noticed, gear proposals have become particularly annoying recently. Stay tuned for an email from Chris, your trusty parliamentarian, regarding a potential plan to change them up a little bit. Make sure you read his email so we can discuss it. *


-Scuba scalloping in portland with Julian. He wants $50 per person  for a trip after break. Not Passed.

-Callum: gauging interest in a beginner climbing trip over april break. Shoot him an email if you want to go.


Euan: 2 pairs of BCA Trekkers ($350)  and maybe a couple pairs of skins. ($200). No vote.

-Bruno: $400 for two new flyrod setups. Passed.

-Callum: $350 for two pairs of crampons (prodeal price). Passed.

-Pardo: Skate sharpening stone and 3 sticks. $120 Passed.



-Callum: $20 for a few files for sharpening crampons/axes.



– Sophia: Freshman year nordic team. Almost collides with huge moose during 1st race.


Koby has a proposition: Informational activity, word of the day, etc. at meetings. Sounds good to me.


Here’s the first one:

Climbing word of the night: to hamster (v) (ham-stir). The act of pulling oneself up with arms parallel in front of the body. This motion looks like a hamster feeding itself.

Sentence: “Whoa, Bro, your arms must be jacked! That was one gnarly hamster.”

Hope your breaks are filled with sunshine, deep snow, and good times.