Remote Tools

Video Conferencing & Digital Whiteboards

  • Zoom: video conference, recording, screen sharing, built-in digital whiteboard, export whiteboard transcript, text chat interface. Go to and use your Bates credentials to log in.
  • Google Hangouts Meet (in G Suite, iOS, Android) – video conference, screen sharing, closed-captions, text chat interface. Click here for Meet set-up details.
  • Jamboard (in G Suite) – collaborative digital whiteboard, export as pdf or image files, saved files accessible via search in Google Drive. Click here for a brief tutorial video.
  • GoBoard (in web browser, iOS) – digital whiteboard, video conference, export pdf of whiteboard transcript. Built-in tools for accessing Desmos Grapher, Wolfram Alpha, LaTeX Equation editor, and more. Note: you must use Google Chrome for the web browser version of GoBoard, it does not work in Safari or Internet Explorer. Click here for a brief tutorial video.