“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” — you’ve heard the old cliché.

While it’s certainly true that Bates is invested in what students know and will learn, it is also true that nothing is more important to student success and fulfillment at Bates than the human connections they make here.

Technology can’t substitute for those connections, but it can make them easier, which is especially valuable if something’s weighing on your mind. That’s why Student Affairs has launched BatesReach: an online tool that will make it easier for students to reach out to their advisors and professors, and vice versa.

For Students

Within BatesReach, you’ll find My Success Network. Here you’ll see all the staff and faculty that you’re working with during a particular semester — not just the people teaching your courses, but your advisors, department chairs, and others involved in your progress.

You can book appointments directly through BatesReach and your Success Network. As your connections change from semester to semester, My Success Network is updated right along with them.

BatesReach is your resource for contacting your faculty and staff connections. You can use it to make appointments with them. BatesReach can help you find the right people to guide you along, regardless of the topic.

And If you’re worried about a course — or about a health issue or anything else affecting your success at Bates — just click on the “Ask for Help” icon to reach out to your connections, including your Student Support Advisor in Student Affairs.

Of course, BatesReach is a two-way street. Your connections will use it when they want to see you and to set you up with academic support resources. If your professor has noticed that you’ve hit a bump in the academic road, which happens to everyone at one time or another, they can “raise a flag,” notifying you and your advisor via email that additional support is called for.

BatesReach is easy to learn and easy to find. In Lyceum and the Garnet Gateway, simply click on the BatesReach link. Or you can sign in through the dedicated URL using your standard Bates College username and password.

For Faculty and Staff

In order to help you navigate BatesReach, we have developed training materials that include both documentation and videos with step-by-step instructions on how to use many of the features within BatesReach. We will continue to add additional training materials through out the current semester.