Progress Surveys

The Progress Survey allows an instructor to send alerts related to four different aspects of academic performance and one personal:

  • Attendance/Participation
  • In Danger of Failing/Low Class Average
  • Low Quiz/Test Scores
  • Personal/Non-academic
  • Student Unresponsive – SSA Outreach Needed

Each aspect identified as a concern will generate a Flag being raised and a notification being sent to the student with the exception of the “Student Unresponsive – SSA Outreach Needed” flag.

Progress Survey Schedule Date


  • Initial Deployment of Progress Surveys             2/13/2023
  • First Reminder Notification (If warranted)       2/17/2023
  • Second Reminder Notification (If warranted) 2/27/2023
  • Progress Surveys Expiration Date                        3/13/2023


The Progress Survey will involve just checking a box next to the student’s name and adding comments regarding the concern. You will receive an email through BatesReach when it is time for these surveys to be administered. The surveys are there to ensure that concerns are expediently reported for all at-risk students. These surveys are also an easy way for faculty to report concerns about a large number of students from one class all at once.

For additional help, click on the following link to view the Progress Survey training video and/or document:


Faculty – Progress Surveys


Faculty Quick Start Guide to Progress Surveys