Documentation for Working

Once you have applied for and been offered a position, ask your supervisor to send the hiring form. When the form has been processed, Emma-Lee St. Germain will send you the employment forms (W-4 & I-9) through Adobe Sign. This will also include instructions on how to set up your Direct Deposit on Garnet Gateway.

Please complete the electronic forms and set up your direct deposit immediately.

Direct Deposit is a condition of Employment. You will not be work authorized until this step is completed. You will need to know your bank account number (NOT your debit card number) and bank routing number, along with knowing if the account that you have selected is a savings or checking account.

Emma-Lee will also schedule a subsequent appointment to verify your I-9 documents. Please reference this list of acceptable documents before you meet with her.

These documents cannot be copies, pictures or scans & cannot be expired. 

Please Note: You may NOT begin working or training without Bates Work Authorization. Once you have completed your forms, set up your Direct Deposit & verified your I-9 documents with Emma-Lee, your Work Authorization Card will be activated on Garnet Gateway, allowing you to begin training & working.