Once You’ve Received Your Work Authorization

Once you’ve completed your employment forms, you will have access to your electronic Bates Work Authorization (BWA) on Garnet Gateway. A student’s work authorization is eligible during their time at Bates, so they do not need to be work authorized again if they have already been authorized. The BWA acts as proof that the student has been approved to work on campus. Students must have their BWA before they can start working in a campus position.

Students must send their employer proof of their Bates Work Authorization. They can do this through Garnet Gateway by clicking on the Employees tab. In the Student Employee section, you will see your Bates Work Authorization. The diagram below depicts how to send your work authorization to a supervisor. Please remember that if you have multiple jobs, you must send your authorization to the supervisor for each job.

Students who are eligible for Federal Work Study or Bates Work Study will have a card indicating their WS status in the bottom corner of the card.