Supervising Student Time Sheets

It is imperative that all supervisors keep track of how many hours their student worker(s) work each pay period.

  • Once you submit a Hiring Form for a student, the Payroll Office sets up an electronic time sheet for the student on their Garnet Gateway account.  The student is responsible for recording the hours they work each week on their time sheet.
  • At the end of the second week of each pay period, the student must submit their time sheet to you. Students must submit their time sheet by 11:59PM on Saturday following the pay period end date.
  • Students cannot record hours from a previous pay period in the current pay period’s electronic time sheet.  If they do not submit their hours online by the 11:59PM deadline, they must submit their hours to the SEO on a white paper time sheet.
  • On the first Tuesday of the new pay period, the time sheet will be available again for entering hours.
  • Supervisors have until Tuesday 12:00PM to approve their student time sheets on Garnet Gateway.
  • Please download and review Web Time Entry Quick Reference Guide for Approvers for detailed instructions on how to approve your student’s time sheet.
  • Student pay periods are bi-weekly.  For more information on payroll, go to Payroll/Webtime.

Please Note: All student time sheets are filled out by the student on their personal Garnet Gateway account. When students submit their time sheet for approval, supervisors must log into their own Garnet Gateway account to approve their student’s time sheet.